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Cost of Egg Freezing in India

Egg freezing is the ultimate option for women in the age group of 21-40 years who wish to celebrate this age without a baby but want to have a baby in the future. In India, the fertilityworld offers the lowest egg-freezing cost from 10k/month or 1.2 lakh/year, producing 60%-99% success rates based on the women’s age.

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Cost of Egg Freezing In India

In India, the cost of egg freezing is cheaper than in other countries. The fertilityworld charges egg freezing costs ranging from Rs.10k per month or Rs.1.20 lakhs yearly. 

Look at the cost of egg freezing table in the fertilityworld for the initial procedures below:

Followed Procedures           What is included Cost in INR
Initial Screening Fertility hormone test & health check 8000 – 10,000
Ovarian stimulation Injections & Medications 70,000 – 80,000
Cycle Monitoring USG, Hormone tests, Consultation 10,000 – 15,000
Surgical Procedure Egg retrieval under anesthesia 20,000 – 25,000
IVF laboratory Egg screening & denudation 25,000 – 30,000
Cryofreezing Freezing & maintenance 8,000 –   10,000 
Initial total Cost ………………………………………… 140,000-175,000

The cost from the table is inclusive of the charges of IVF protocol such as medicines and injections given for ovarian stimulation and the charges for the procedure of egg retrieval and subsequent freezing. If you wish to know more about the egg freezing costs in different cities in India, kindly visit the link provided below:

Egg freezing in India cost

The cost can be reduced after your reproductive health examination. If the results show healthy, then the cost of medications, hormone tests, and consultation (free) costs can be reduced, if they are not needed. The fertilityworld in India looks for the patient’s overall satisfaction rather than the cost. The center is flexible and very transparent in terms of cost and fees and offers free consultations.

Egg Freezing Success Rates In India

Egg freezing success rates and the live birth from the frozen egg directly depend on the age of the woman. It is explored that women who freeze their eggs between 21-40 years receive success rates of 60%-99% with healthy live birth.

The bar graph below is the recorded egg-freezing success rates based on the women’s age at the fertilityworld in India:

egg-freezing success rates

The bar graph directly describes the egg-freezing success rates in the following:

  • Women between 18 to 25 years can have a 90% to 99% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 25 to 30 years can have an 80% to 90% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 30 to 35 years can have a 75% to 85% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 35 to 40 years can have a 60% to 65% chance of at least one live birth.
  • Women between 40 to 45 years can have a 50% to 60% chance of at least one live birth.

To learn more about egg freezing success rates, or egg freezing side effects, kindly visit the link; Egg Freezing Success Rates | Egg Freezing Side Effects.

Best Egg Donor Agency in India

Best Egg Donor Agency in India

The fertilityworld is the best Egg Donor Agency In India for its best distinguishable Donor Egg Bank; EGG DONATION IN INDIA | DONOR EGG BANK. It has been trustworthy in its banking technologies serving at its lowest cost from 15k to 25k INR of donor eggs to any couples or single women wishing to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. 

The center serves the best Donor Egg Bank in India from the customer’s perspective due to its high technologies in preservation with the highest periods of egg durability. Donor egg is directly associated with a higher success rate in reproductivity. Fertilityworld has proven that couples using donor eggs for the IVF pregnancy cycle have up to a 99% likelihood of conceiving on the first attempt.

The fertilityworld receives egg donations from a young, healthy woman, they volunteer to help another infertile woman to fulfill their parenthood dreams. Donor eggs are used by couples and single women when their eggs are not suitable to create an embryo to get conceived. It is a part of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Egg donation frequently benefits women who cannot use their eggs to achieve pregnancy.

Apart from being the best egg donor agency, the fertilityworld is also a distinguished center for SEMEN FREEZING OR SEMEN CRYOPRESERVATION technology. It has the best sperm banking with its cutting-edge techniques in semen freezing or semen cryopreservation and offers the donor sperm at the cost of 5k-10k INR and 10k-15k INR per year. The one-time analysis test will cost Rs 2,500 for preserving the sperm.  Fertilityworld’s standardized storage period for sperm is 10 to 15 years. However, we can store the sperm for up to 55 years in certain male circumstances. Sperm Freezing is a technical privilege for couples or single parents to preserve their chances of conceiving a biological baby in the future. If you’re searching for the best donor egg, or donor sperm, contact the fertilityworld, it provides priceless Egg Donor Assistance for you. Contact us today and get free consultations.

Who is the best infertility doctor in India?

Who is the best infertility doctor in India?

One can find many practicing infertility doctors in India but the fertilityworld is the most trusted center consisting of the finest leading infertility doctor in India. Open the link and know the best infertility doctor in India: The best IVF Doctors in India. The best infertility doctor in India:

Egg Freezing Process in India

Egg Freezing Process in India

The egg-freezing process includes certain steps. The steps include the following:

  • Free Consultation.
  • Screening and Examination
  • You will also undergo screening for diseases like HIV and hepatitis.
  • Ovarian reserve testing: Estimates the number of eggs.
  • Medications
  • Ovarian stimulation 
  • Egg retrieval 
  • Egg Freezing via Vitrification technology.

The egg freezing process in India; Egg Freezing or Oocyte cryopreservation process is the same as the first half of the IVF treatment. As the process undergoes about 2 weeks of fertility injections to produce multiple eggs than one egg per month normally. After that, the mature eggs are retrieved which is the complete IVF cycle.

Shortly, after the eggs are retrieved they are cooled down to sub-zero temperature (-196 degrees centigrade) to pause all their biological activity and preserve it in its best state via vitrification. They can be frozen for many years and use them when you’re ready. Regarding side effects, doctors say that mood swings (because of the hormones) and other health issues can crop up, but the procedure is usually safe. 

Is the egg-freezing process painful?

Is the egg-freezing process painful?

No, the egg-freezing process is not painful. It may feel some mild pain during and after the egg harvesting procedure, but it is avoided by using sedatives like anesthesia. Also, after the egg retrieval process is done, you may come across some discomfort like itch and a little bleeding from where the fine retrieval needle passed through your vaginal wall. But this will disappear after a few days without medication. Regarding side effects, mood swings are inevitable because the hormones and other health issues can crop up, but the procedure is usually safe and painless.

How frozen egg is prepared for parenthood?

How frozen egg is prepared for parenthood?

The vitrification procedure is reversed when patients return to use their vitrified embryos or eggs. Reversing back the egg from a frozen state to room temperature and then 37°C, and rehydration is made. The procedure “warms” the eggs in just 20 minutes and they are placed back in the incubator at 37°C in the laboratory. Then they are combined with the partner sperm or donor sperm and achieve fertilization in the laboratory. Embryos formed after fertilization with the sperm can be transferred back to the uterus immediately in IVF, and Surrogacy or eggs can be injected with a single sperm 3-4 hours later for fertilization in ICSI use.

Who should freeze the eggs?

Who should freeze the eggs?
  • Women wish to preserve their fertility and conceive them in the future. 
  • Women who want to delay childbearing and focus on their educational, career, or other personal goals. 
  • Women with cancer before chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation treatment. 
  • During IVF, you can freeze the remaining un-fertilized eggs for having another baby or for donor assistance to another couple who needs them.
  • Women with a family history of early menopause, and premature ovarian failure. Egg freezing offers a chance to preserve eggs before they are all depleted.

Benefits of Egg Freezing

Benefits of Egg Freezing

The benefits of egg freezing make it an excellent privilege for most women, because;

  • The egg is freshly protected by freezing despite aging women.
  • Egg freezing benefits women who wish to pursue other priorities before having a child.
  • It benefits women’s biology to better match the way they live.
  • Egg freezing can help reduce women’s fertility anxiety.
  • It provides a reliable time to find the right partner.
  • Egg freezing can protect your eggs from disease or preserve them before invasive medical treatments

How long can the eggs be frozen?

With fast pace improvement of egg freezing methods, any woman in Pune can freeze the eggs indefinitely without weakening them performed by the fertilityworld in India. However, till today we have experienced successful parenthood with 15 years of frozen eggs.

Some countries like the UK have even proposed legislation to increase the storage limit up to 55 years, while in the US there is no limit on the number of years. Time is therefore not a factor if the retrieval and freezing are done properly.

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What is Egg Freezing Process?

The process of egg freezing is cheaper in India than in most other countries. It includes mature oocyte cryopreservation a method used to save women’s ability to get pregnant in the future till 15 to 20 years later. Eggs harvested from your ovaries are frozen unfertilized and stored for later use.

Egg freezing cost in India?

Egg freezing is costlier in other countries but in India, the cost of Egg freezing is range between 1lakhs to 1.20 lakhs per year (or 10k to 15k per month) which includes medication, doctor visits, and the actual surgical procedure to remove the eggs. The Fertility world center has its network in pan India for any woman who wants to freeze her eggs. Contact Us.


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