Gay lgbtq surrogacy in Mexico

The fertilityworld in Mexico is one of the most popular, distinguished surrogacy destinations for LGBTQ (Lesbain, gays, bisexuals, Transexual, and Questioning) Couples. The Center also offers Surrogacy for single men & women in Mexico, same-sex couples surrogacy, and heterosexual couples/parents surrogacy. Also, read in detail the process of Surrogacy in Mexico at the fertilityworld. 

The fertilityworld serves any individuals or couples, in the LGBTQ community who have the hope to achieve parenthood via surrogacy at an affordable cost. Achieve a guaranteed successful surrogacy with donor eggs. We’re committed and dedicated to building your family together and delighted to be part of your memorable surrogacy program. 

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Qualities of the fertilityworld fertility center in Mexico

  • Renowned LGBTQ surrogacy Center,
  • Highly educated coordinators and lawyers,
  • Excellent counselors, Doctors in LGBTQ parenting, 
  • Well versed LGBTQ surrogacy lawyers of the state,
  • Latest modern ART techniques for surrogacy program
  • Direct consultations with doctors & lawyers,
  • Free first consultations: Connect with the fertilityworld,

LGBTQ Surrogacy success rates in Mexico

In Mexico, LGBTQ surrogacy has the highest rate of success of any fertility treatment. In vitro fertilization (IVF) with a donor egg has a success rate of 62%. Higher still is the rate of success with a surrogate, about 78%, and can increase as high up to 95% for a birth once the gestational carrier is pregnant. 

Who can undergo Surrogacy in Mexico

Today, LGBTQ surrogacy in Mexico is increasing in popularity. The surrogacy program is permitted for all family models in 2021:

  • Lesbain, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual & Questioning Couples
  • Same-sex couples
  • Married men and women couples
  • Unmarried men and women couples, 
  • Single men with Donor eggs,
  • Single women with Donor sperms 
  • Straight & foreign Intended Parents.

The fertilityworld coordinator’s team, a reproductive law team, fertility experts team work together with the intended couples and parents, acknowledging the detailed laws of surrogacy in Mexico and guiding you in the legal process of welcoming the baby of your dreams. 

Legal Surrogacy Procedure for LGBTQ people in Mexico

In 2021, the National Supreme Court of Justice has recognized the whole process of the surrogacy journey to be functioned based on the legal guarantees provided, which states that a surrogacy program is legal if it is performed with the laws provided:

  • Couples are between the age of 25-40 years old,
  • Medical certificates and a report from their doctor about the inability to carry a child naturally are required.
  • Registration of the contract between all involving teams under the notary (legal).
  • Compensation of the surrogate mother for her sacrifices,
  • Surrogacy professionals should work strictly without any other concerns,
  • Confirming pregnancy and the birth of the child should be in Cancun (Mexican city) 
  • The birth certificate of the child born is issued in the name of the intended parents.
  • The child has the right to hold Mexican Citizenship and a passport respectively.

This law is stated so that a strong responsibility from the professionals, citizens, and employees to attend and give full support to the surrogate mother, gamete donors, and the intended parents. It assures their safety and security legally. This legality was formulated to be able to assist any family that wishes to have their dream baby in their arms.


Surrogacy is assisted reproductive technology (ART) that bypasses infertility problems of the intended couples making them achieve their parenthood dreams with a healthy baby(ies). 

Surrogacy includes a contract agreement among all involving parties- fertility teams, surrogate mother, intended parents, and Donors (if used). It is supported by a legal agreement and documents signed by legal surrogacy lawyers. 

An agreement involves a woman(surrogate mother) agreeing to bear a child for another person or people (intending parents), who will become the child’s parent right after birth.

Surrogacy program cost for LGBTQ community in Mexico

1st Transfer(Own eggs or Donor eggs)GuaranteedUnlimited IVF & Transfers (Donor Eggs)Mixed(1 IVF & Transfer with own eggs & if needed with Donor Eggs)
1st Payment: During singing of the contract€30,000.00€35,000.00€35,000.00
2nd payment: Before IVF begins€15,000.00€20,000.00€20,000.00
3rd payment: at 12 weeks (court decision)€15,000.00€15,000.000€20,000.00
4th payment: during 8th months€10,000.00€15,000.00€15,000.00
Total €70,000.00€85,000.00€90,000.00

LGBTQ Community Surrogacy requirements

Surrogacy for Lesbian Couples: Surrogacy with Sperm donation is the best-advanced fertility option for lesbian couples who wish to have their genetically linked child.

In this surrogacy program either one of the female partners will undergo ovarian stimulation, then the egg is retrieved by the fertilityworld chief embryologist. The retrieved egg is then allowed to get fertilized with the donor sperm in the fertility laboratory. The fertilized egg called an embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother (woman who will carry your child to term). After the implantation of the embryo, the surrogate is monitored regularly to confirm the pregnancy. The surrogate will deliver a child under the care of the fertilityworld fertility specialist and deliver a healthy child.

*Note: Couples can use both Donor sperm and Donor egg but the child will not possess your genes.

Surrogacy for Gay Couples: Only available surrogacy option for Gay (male) couples to proceed with their dreams of parenthood is by using the Donated eggs from a healthy donor.

Under this program either one of the male partner’s sperm is collected and fertilized with the Donor egg in the fertility laboratory. The fertilized egg called an embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother (woman who will carry your child to term). After the implantation of the embryo, the surrogate is monitored regularly to confirm the pregnancy. The surrogate will deliver a child under the care of the fertilityworld fertility specialist and deliver a healthy child of your genetic linkage.

*Note: Couples can use both Donor sperm and Donor egg but the child will not possess your genes.

Surrogacy for Bisexual individuals: Bisexual means an individual who is sexually attracted to both men and women. Such people also can proceed to undergo surrogacy with either a man or a woman partner based on their choice of partner selection, or both genders (men & women) surrogacy is available in the fertilityworld in Mexico.

  • If you’re male attracted to males then a donor egg with either one of your sperm is required for surrogacy.
  • If you’re male and attracted to women then your sperm and partner’s egg is required for surrogacy.
  • If you wish to proceed with surrogacy with both of your attracted gender (men and women), two surrogates are required to carry both of your children.

Transgender Surrogacy program in Mexico: 

Transgender are those people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were thought to be at birth. Today, the surrogacy program is making it very easy for them to experience parenthood like all normal parents with few special factors requirements.

There are two types of gender assigned to them:

  1. Trans women (assigned male at birth) who do not have a uterus.
  2. Trans men (assigned female at birth) for whom, even if they have a uterus, carrying a pregnancy is not possible or counterintuitive.

Such people who wish to achieve their dreams of transgender parenthood via surrogacy need the help of a surrogate mother, gametes (egg/sperm) from the donor are required. However, the fertilityworld to suggestion for transgender is to consult fertility experts (doctors) and distinguish what type of treatments suit you based on your gender. To know more about the surrogacy programs for transgender, please write to us at

The first step for surrogacy treatments at fertilityworld in Mexico:

Simply reaching out to the fertilityworld via provided connectivity:

Once you have strongly decided to have biological children, the first step is to reach out and answer some basic questions about surrogacy to get free direct consultations with our experts to help you navigate the best option for you. If your answer is YES, there is perhaps no more impactful decision you will make in your entire life than to have a child. The fertilityworld will tackle all the legal procedures, and necessities until you embrace the child in your arms. Even if your answer is NO, we are always happy to educate you on the process of surrogacy and what to expect. Our staff is friendly, highly experienced, and eager to help.

How do I find a Surrogate Mother in Mexico?

The fertilityworld has the highest-quality surrogate mother database in Mexico. She is willing to help in carrying the baby of the LGBT community couples and fulfill their dreams of parenthood. We allow our patients to pick their best match choice of a surrogate mother from our database. Also, we understand that selecting a surrogate isn’t just about her health status, so we will help you determine which surrogate you feel connected to and comfortable with. All of our surrogates are intensively pre-screened, medically & psychologically pre-qualified to get started as soon as you are ready

Where do I find an Egg Donor in Mexico?

If you’re a gay couple, an egg donor is required. If lesbian couple Donor sperm is required, also egg donor might be required due to infertility, age, or medical reasons.

If you require an egg or sperm donor based on your conditions, the fertilityworld has an excellent sperm and egg donor bank consisting of different donors globally- athleticism, intelligence, tall, etc. we allow you to select your requirements at an affordable cost. We also provide a lot of frozen donor eggs that best fit your goals. After our chief embryologist fertilizes the eggs with sperm, they will transfer the healthiest embryo to your surrogate’s uterus.

Our fertilityworld team in Mexico is highly committed to serving any individuals, couples, or parents on your memorable surrogacy journey creating your family. We love the opportunity to match you with a caring surrogate who can help you welcome the baby you have always dreamed of.

How to decide whose gametes to be used for surrogacy?

If you’re a gay couple and both of you have viable sperm. If you’re a lesbian (female-female) couple and both of you have viable eggs, a decision needs to be made on who the biological parent will be. This decision is highly personalized between the couples in which there is no right or wrong answer from external parties. 

However, in some cases, one partner might have more desirable reproductive characteristics, or perhaps a genetic medical condition makes a choice obvious. Or perhaps one parent already has a child from a previous relationship. If the couples have infertility conditions, then different fertility treatments will be conducted by the specialists, and based on the results, the decisions will favor the better viability between the couple.

LGBT Surrogacy Expectations in Mexico

Your long hopeful Dreams of parenthood will sparkle with amazement and joy, after you receive the exciting news that your gestational surrogate is pregnant, the next phase of the journey begins for 9 more months. We always suggest our patients be fully involved in the pregnancy as well as the birth of your child, so we will help you and the surrogate create a communication plan, doctor’s visits, and the delivery. During this time our patients create a strong bond and continue relationships with their surrogates after the birth of their babies. Becoming a parent is a profound experience, and we do everything we can to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey to the heartwarming moment when you hold your baby for the first time.

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If you’re an LGBT couple from Mexico or an International couple or neighboring states of Mexico, the fertilityworld is the best destination for your surrogacy program. We serve a complete surrogacy program until you hold your biological child in your arms. Surrogacy is an expensive program but we try our best and serve the program at an affordable cost. Remember, the cost of surrogacy in Mexico is 50% less than in US states.

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