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Surrogacy for Single men & Single women in Mexico

To help in building the family of single men and single women’s dreams willing to experience parenthood is the ultimate goal of the fertilityworld surrogacy Center in Mexico. Surrogacy in Mexico is 100% legal and open to single men & single women. The fertilityworld helps and guides you until you embrace the child under your arms. It offers a complete surrogacy program, a young and healthy surrogate mother, excellent donor Banks (donor eggs and donor sperms), and psychological counseling at a reasonable cost in Mexico.

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Why the fertilityworld for surrogacy in Mexico

The fertilityworld not only partners with the top fertility clinics in Cancun and other legal surrogacy Mexican cities, but it also offers the latest modern surrogacy options at a lower cost than any other center in the country. The center is uplifted by the best doctors, nurses, embryologists, and other expert members who tackle all the language barriers to our patients. The center is idly located and well connected with all means of transportation options available without hustle. Our success rates are highly appreciated. We are always ready and kept fully screened surrogate mothers and healthy egg donors from around the world, ready to accept the offers for our clients. The center provides complete satisfaction without any compromises, from the environment, healthy infrastructure, nature of our staff, services, the cost, healthy delivery, etc.

Single men & single women surrogacy in Mexico:

The fertilityworld believes in everyone’s right to parenthood dream and so it provides an ultimate option to single men and single women parenthood that rewards them in building their family via surrogacy.

Single Women Surrogacy- The fertilityworld primary concern in achieving single women surrogacy is by pursuing pregnancy via Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) with either their known sperm or the donor sperm from the fertilityworld sperm donor bank. 

The second option- for single women’s successful surrogacy is by following the IVF techniques. The eggs are retrieved from the single women’s ovary after fertility medications (hormones, drugs, stimulants, etc.) and allowed to be fertilized with the donor sperm in the laboratory and the embryo is implanted into the surrogate mother’s uterus to carry the pregnancy. Read more about the fertilityworld sperm donor bank semen freezing or semen cryopreservation techniques.

However, surrogacy with IVF techniques is most often preferred by many single women and most suggested by fertility doctors in Mexico because on average achieving fertilization from using IUI techniques is dependent on Egg quality, sperm morphology, sperm mobility, and the fertility conditions of the individuals. Also, Surrogacy with IVF assures higher success rates than surrogacy with IUI techniques.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) techniques

IUI is a technique of artificial insemination where the collected known sperms or Donor sperms are washed and concentrated, then placed/injected directly into the female uterus (surrogate mother/self) during the time of ovulation. The sperm then gets attached to the eggs and fertilized the egg. The women then carry the pregnancy to term and give birth to a child. IUI is possible for those women using Donor sperm to get pregnant, using surrogate mother eggs in surrogacy.

Cost of Surrogacy for single men and women, Mexico


1st Transfer(Own eggs or Donor eggs)GuaranteedUnlimited IVF & Transfers (Donor Eggs)Mixed(1 IVF & Transfer with own eggs & if needed with Donor Eggs)
1st Payment: During singing of the contract€30,000.00€35,000.00€35,000.00
2nd payment: Before IVF begins€15,000.00€20,000.00€20,000.00
3rd payment: at 12 weeks (court decision)€15,000.00€15,000.000€20,000.00
4th payment: during 8th months€10,000.00€15,000.00€15,000.00
Total €70,000.00€85,000.00€90,000.00

If our patients are willing to pay in single installments (total cost) the fertilityworld offers an inclusive selected program of up to 10% discount. For direct discussion about the cost in Mexico related to: 

  • Single men and single women Surrogacy program, 
  • IVF treatment, 
  • Surgical sperm extraction cost,
  • Donor egg cost,
  • Donor Sperm, 
  • Surrogate mother compensation, or discount 

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What is the best reproductive age for men & females?

  • The best reproductive age for women is between 21 and 35 years to undergo fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, and surrogacy.
  • Men’s reproductivity is possible up to 55 years and more.

Success rates of Surrogacy in Mexico for single men and single women

A successful surrogacy program is impossible without the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. The fertilityworld is best known for the highest IVF success rates in Mexico. While accurate IVF success rates vary from patient to patient based on their age, medical conditions, and from clinic to clinic served by the fertility Doctors’ proficiency and practices. However, the fertilityworld via its cutting-edge technologies in reproductive medicine, excellent laboratory techniques, and experts in fertility Doctors provides the highest IVF success rates in Mexico. The graph below depicts the statistics of surrogacy success rates in Mexico.

Who can pursue surrogacy in Mexico:

Today, single men and single women surrogacy in Mexico is increasing in popularity. In Mexico surrogacy is permitted for all family models:

  • Same-sex couples
  • Women and men married couples
  • Unmarried men and women couples, 
  • Single men with Donor eggs,
  • Single women with Donor sperms 
  • Gay, Straight, and foreign Intended Parents.
  • Couples between the age of 25 and 40 years old.

Medical certificates and a letter from their doctor about the inability to carry a child naturally are required. The fertilityworld team, a reproductive expert’s attorney, works together with the intended parents, ensures you understand the detailed laws of surrogacy in Mexico, and guides you through the legal process of welcoming the baby of your dreams. 

Surrogacy Legal Laws in Mexico for single Men and Single Women:

In 2021, the National Supreme Court of Justice has recognized the whole process of the surrogacy journey to be functioned based on the legal guarantees provided, which states that a surrogacy program is legal if it is performed with the laws provided:

  • Registration of the contract between all involving teams (intended parents, surrogate mother, and the surrogacy program provider-The fertilityworld) under the notary.
  • Compensation of the surrogate mother for her sacrifices,
  • Surrogacy professionals should work strictly without any other concerns,
  • Confirming pregnancy and the delivery (birth) of the child should be in Cancun (A Mexican city on the Yucatan Peninsula bordering the Caribbean sea).
  • The birth certificate of the child born is issued in the name of the intended parents.
  • The child has the right to hold Mexican Citizenship and a passport respectively.

This law is stated so that a strong responsibility from the professionals, citizens, and employees to attend and give full support to the surrogate mother and the intended parents, it provides safety and security in the future. This legality was formulated to be able to assist any family that wishes to have their dream baby in their arms. To know more about the surrogacy programs, legalities processes in Mexico please write to us at

Finding a surrogate mother in Mexico

Finding a surrogate mother, in general, is a very crucial moment for any individual registered to undergo surrogacy. The fertilityworld in Mexico accepts our patients’ known surrogates (friends or relatives) as it reduces the surrogacy cost. 

However, we consider the health of an unborn child completely dependent on how you choose a surrogate mother. If one wishes to arrange the surrogate themselves, the search can take a long time, hinder your career, incomplete legalities and responsibility. She will carry your long-awaited baby for nine months. 

Therefore, the fertilityworld provides a healthy surrogate mother for you to choose from its database. They all have perfect health, their kids, and can travel to help you become a happy parent. They are examined and screened medically and approved by the fertility specialists- ready to receive an embryo.

We provide our surrogate profiles to our patients and allow them to choose based on their requirements. Our surrogate mother profiles look like this provided below

NameD-001Fertility QualificationsPhysical Characteristics
Age25AMH level5.5 ng/mLHeight5’4″
Marital StatusSingleFSH8.5Weight55
SexFemaleE246Eye ColorBlack
EducationGraduateLH7Hair ColorBlack
ChildrenNACYSTSNoBody TypeSlim
SmokingNoPregnanciesNoEar shaperound lobe
AlcoholNoPrevious DonorNoNose shapebulbous
DrugsNoBlood groupO+veShoulder typeRegular
HobbiesReadingFav. MovieFrankensteinFav.SportsBadminton
Fav. bookShakespeareFav. ColorBlueFav.GameChess
Fav TV showBig BangFav. PlaceMaldivesCreativeYes
Fav. songThe bestFav. foodIndiansInnovativeYes
Fav. animalLionExerciseGymAdventurousNo

The fertilityworld surrogate mother qualifications

According to the law, a surrogate mother must meet the following requirements. Our surrogates comply with all these requirements, so it reduces the risks and minimizes possible complications during IVF and later during pregnancy:

  • She is confirmed qualified by the results of professional examinations to become the surrogate mother for intended parents,
  • She is between the ages of 22-35 years,
  • She has at least one healthy child of her own, 
  • She is completely healthy, physically and mentally, 

What is the cost of a surrogate mother in Mexico?

The fertilityworld in Mexico charges the single intended parents an affordable compensation of €11,000 to €13,000 for the surrogate mother– half of what surrogacy costs in the US. However, if you choose to undergo surrogacy with the fertilityworld, the cost of the surrogate mother is included in the inclusive surrogacy package.

To know more about Surrogate mother compensation, or to discuss the cost, Kindly write to us at

Did you get it? What were you looking for in Mexico?

If you’re an intended single man and single woman from Mexico or foreigners neighboring Mexico looking to undergo surrogacy with Donor Eggs + self sperm, Donor Sperms + Self Eggs, or with Donor Sperm + Donor Eggs, the fertilityworld in Mexico is the best destination for you. You will achieve a guaranteed successful surrogacy program. 

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