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Mexico is one of the most popular surrogacy destinations for Chinese gay surrogacy for couples and single gay parents. The Fertilityworld is the top renowned surrogacy center with its huge contributions to surrogacy for all Chinese gay single parents & couples surrogacy in Mexico, fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. The center has helped thousands of desperate Chinese gay singles and couples achieve their parenthood dreams via surrogacy. It also provides complete fertility treatments such as male and female fertility treatments, semen analysis tests, laparoscopic surgery, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), Intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI), Intrauterine insemination (IUI), Surgical sperm extractions and many more in Mexico.

Why Mexico for Chinese gay singles, parents surrogacy?

  • The fertilityworld contributes the top gay services,
  • It offers direct consultations with Doctors & lawyers,
  • It produces guaranteed surrogacy with Donor eggs,
  • An affordable surrogacy cost for Chinese gay people,
  • The package offered is always flexible & transparent,
  • Healthiest surrogate mother Database at low cost,
  • An Excellent Egg Donor Bank

Guaranteed surrogacy success rates in Mexico at fertilityworld:

In Mexico, Gay surrogacy is one of the blooming sectors with a higher rate of success of surrogacy. Guaranteed surrogacy is 95% with In vitro fertilization (IVF) with a donor egg.

Is Gay surrogacy legal in China?

In China, providing surrogacy services for reproduction is illegal due to ethical concerns and the potential for exploitation of women, and hate seeing babies become a traded commodity. This fact is not new for people having a grasp on surrogacy. However, not everyone understands what makes surrogacy in Mexico such a smooth experience. After reading this post, you will reasonably know why Mexico is worth a go for gay surrogacy. Not only gay couples but the fertilityworld in Mexico also offers surrogacy for LGBTQ communities to international citizens. For more information please read- GAY/LGBTQ couples Surrogacy in Mexico.

What is Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) that was developed to help those desperate families who wish to have a child by means. The intended (parents, couples, LGBT) works with a healthy woman (surrogate mother), she carries the pregnancy and cares for the baby(ies) until birth and handover the baby to the prospective parents. 

Intended people use surrogacy programs, when pregnancy risks are too dangerous for the intended mother or when a single man or a male couple wishes to have a child to grow or to extend their families when they can’t build naturally. For detailed information please read- What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy laws in Mexico

The fertilityworld is successfully functioning the surrogacy program in almost all permitted surrogacy countries following all the legal laws applied. We offer taking home baby packages with surrogacy in India as per new laws.

In Mexico in 2016, legal and secure surrogacy ended. However, again in June 2021, the Supreme Court decision upheld surrogacy discussion in Mexico. In a significant decision, the court supported both free and paid surrogacy and even invalidated one state’s provisions that prohibited access to same-sex and foreign couples in Mexico.

The new ruling opens the door for all Mexican states to legislate as they see fit, including allowing commercial surrogacy for any Intended Parent internationally. It now falls to the individual states to legalize and regulate surrogacy in Mexico.

Chinese Gay Surrogacy is 100% legal in Mexico. The federal government does not regulate or prohibit surrogacy. The courts have fully supported the granting of full parental rights to biological fathers while honoring and enforcing surrogacy contracts.

Qualifications for Chinese Gay surrogacy in Mexico

  • Use Donor eggs for surrogacy,
  • When you are ready to become a father, surrogacy is a great option.
  • You can be either single, a couple, or married.
  • If you’re men with HIV positive,
  • Man up to 65 years,

What are the types of surrogacy?

Generally, there are two types of surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Altruistic and independent surrogacy arrangements can fall under either type and have their pros and cons to weigh. However, today most couples undergo gestational surrogacy because it is legally a simple procedure in regards to legalities, parentage order, and most importantly achieving biological parenthood. Whereas altruistic surrogacy or traditional surrogacy has certain issues regarding parentage order, surrogate mothers refuse to give baby custody to intended parents. For a detailed understanding of the types of surrogacy please visit: What is Surrogacy?

Process of Gay surrogacy in Mexico @fertilityworld

Surrogacy is a popular option for gay men who wish to be biologically connected to their children, who are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy on their own. In Gay surrogacy, pregnancy is achieved by using an egg donor, gestational carrier, and In-vitro fertilization (IVF)- surrogacy is impossible without IVF procedure- IVF process step by step, and the surrogacy process is essentially the same as it would be for any other intended parent. However, there are some important decisions same-sex (gay) couples need to make before beginning the process:

  • Same-sex intended parents must decide whose sperm or egg will be used. Some intended fathers choose to fertilize multiple eggs for implantation using both partners’ sperm, allowing either or both of them to be the biological father of a child.
  • Select a known or anonymous egg donor. However, many gay couples and individuals choose to work with an identified donor to complete the surrogacy process. Intended fathers may choose to use one partner’s sperm with eggs from a close relative of the other partner, giving both fathers a biological link to the child.
  • Once intended parents have made these important decisions, they continue the surrogacy process as any other intended parents do. For detailed procedures please visit- Single parent surrogacy in Mexico or Gay LGBTQ Surrogacy in Mexico

How to get a surrogate mother in Mexico

The fertilityworld considers a surrogate mother from the couple’s arrangements if you have known friends or relatives and she qualifies the surrogate mother qualities (medically fit, at her best reproductive age, free from any conditions unless harmful to surrogacy). However, if not available the fertilityworld runs an excellent surrogate mother database- She is completely prepared and ready to receive the embryo into her uterus. We provide her detailed profiles to the gay couples and offer freedom of their choice.

After choosing the surrogate mother by the couple, our specialist will take care of every process needed and matched with them. We provide surrogate mothers at an affordable cost which is included in the surrogacy package.

How do Chinese gay couples arrange for Donor Eggs in Mexico?

The fertilityworld provides an excellent advantage for Chinese gay couples, accepting Donors from either one of their relatives if the couples are willing to connect biologically of both genes, we also accept Donors from among their known friends.

However, if the Chinese gay couples don’t pose their Donors then the fertilityworld helps them in providing healthy egg donors. In Mexico, the fertilityworld runs a good egg donor bank and offers them Donor eggs at an affordable cost.

We provide different egg donor profiles to the couples and allow them to select their choice of requirements from height, skin color, eye color, looks, intelligence, background history, medical history, etc.

Below table show some features of our donor profiles:

NameD-001Fertility QualificationsPhysical Characteristics
Age25AMH level5.5 ng/mLHeight5’4″
Marital StatusSingleFSH8.5Weight55
SexFemaleE246Eye ColorBlack
EducationGraduateLH7Hair ColorBlack
ChildrenNACYSTSNoBody TypeSlim
SmokingNoPregnanciesNoEar shaperound lobe
AlcoholNoPrevious DonorNoNose shapebulbous
DrugsNoBlood groupO+veShoulder typeRegular
HobbiesReadingFav. MovieFrankensteinFav.SportsBadminton
Fav. bookShakespeareFav. ColorBlueFav.GameChess
Fav TV showBig BangFav. PlaceMaldivesCreativeYes
Fav. songThe bestFav. foodIndiansInnovativeYes
Fav. animalLionExerciseGymAdventurousNo

Egg Donor Qualifications in Mexico @fertilityworld

  • She is recruited via our egg donation programs,
  • She is young and healthy between 21-35 years,
  • She can be anonymous or known to the recipients,
  • She is mentally and physically fit for donating eggs,
  • She provides her total profile database,
  • She knows the terms and conditions of being a donor,


  • Donor age is the most significant factor contributing to a high success rate of an IVF cycle.

Process of Donor egg retrieval in Mexico

After the complete evaluations of the Donor, the fertilityworld chief embryologist prescribes medications like Gonadotropin including human menopausal gonadotropin or hMG (Menopur) and FSH (Gonal-F, Follistim AQ, Bravelle). This hormone injection boosts her ovulation induction to develop multiple eggs rather than single eggs over a single cycle. Once her eggs get mature and ready for retrieval, our embryologist schedules her egg retrieval procedures. Our egg donor is put under local anesthesia to avoid any mild pain during the process. Then, the eggs are retrieved by our embryologist simply by placing a needle called a catheter, attached to an ultrasound probe via the vaginal tissues. The eggs are then gently aspirated (suctioned) from each ovary follicle following the ultrasound guide. Once the eggs are successfully retrieved, they are examined very carefully by our embryologist. 

Then sperm from either one of the Chinese gay couples is collected during the egg retrieval process, the sperm is then combined with the retrieved and allowed to fertilize the donor egg in the laboratory under the culture medium. This process is called in vitro fertilization (IVF). The fertilized egg (embryo) of the 3rd or 5th stage of development is selected and then transferred into the surrogate uterus to carry the pregnancy for the Chinese gay couples.

The fertilityworld also freezes the retrieved egg in its Donor Egg Bank and serves the patients whenever recommended by them. In a frozen transfer, the embryos are frozen and typically transferred at a later time. Frozen transfers are sometimes utilized so that preimplantation genetic screening for aneuploidy (an abnormal number of chromosomes) can be performed.

Gay couple’s final thoughts:

If you’re a Chinese gay couple wishing to have a child via surrogacy in Mexico. The fertilityworld is the best destination couples can look for.

To know any information relating to Surrogacy programs, and surrogacy processes in Mexico please write to us at We provide free consultations.

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