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The fertilityworld infertility center has the best distinguishable Donor Egg Bank in India which has been trustworthy in its banking technologies serving at its lowest cost from 10,000-15,000 INR freezing the eggs. This center is the most recommended donor egg bank in India from the customer’s perspective due to its high technologies in preservation with the highest periods of egg durability. Donor egg is directly associated with a higher success rate in reproductivity. Fertilityworld has proven that couples using donor eggs for the IVF pregnancy cycle have up to 90% likelihood of conceiving in the first attempt.

Why is the Donor Egg used by couples?

  • Couples with failure in IVF cycles using the woman’s eggs- what are the reasons for IVF failure?
  • Female with premature ovarian failure- a condition where menopause has started much earlier than usual, typically before age 40
  • Women over 42 years,
  • Women with diminished ovarian reserve- low quality of eggs often caused by age advancement, because fertility declines gradually after 40 years.
  • If couples are at risk of genetically transmitted diseases (STD).

Egg Donation In India

Egg donation is when a young, healthy woman donates her eggs to another infertile woman allowing her to fulfill their parenthood dreams. Donor eggs are only utilized when the female’s eggs are not suitable to create an embryo to get conceived. It is a part of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Egg donation frequently benefits women who cannot use their eggs to achieve pregnancy.

The fertilityworld has the Best IVF Doctors in India with highly skilled chief embryologists with over 35+ years of experience like Dr.Pammy Murthy at Miracle advanced reproductive Center Chennai, and other finest doctors from across India are  Dr. Mohit Saraogi, Dr. Brigadier R K Sharma, Dr. Adinarayana Makam, Dr. Swapna Chekuri, Dr. M Niharika, Dr. Mukesh Agarwal, Dr. Indira Hinduja, Dr. Abha Majumdar, Dr. Hrishikesh Dattatraya Pai, etc.

How do we evaluate our Egg Donors?

First and foremost, at fertilityworld, our egg donors or prospective women’s eggs will undergo psychological and medical screening, including:

  • Thorough medical history evaluation, 
  • Total physical examination,
  • Ovarian reserve assessment,

How do we retrieve the eggs of Donors/prospective women?

After the total evaluations of the Donor, the fertilityworld chief embryologist prescribes medications like Gonadotropin including human menopausal gonadotropin or hMG (Menopur) and FSH (Gonal-F, Follistim AQ, Bravelle). This hormone injection boosts her ovulation induction to develop multiple eggs rather than single eggs over a single cycle. Once her eggs get mature and ready for retrieval, our embryologist schedules her egg retrieval procedures. Our egg donor is put under local anesthesia to avoid any mild pain during the process. Then, the eggs are retrieved by our embryologist simply by placing a needle called a catheter, attached to an ultrasound probe via the vaginal tissues. The eggs are then gently aspirated (suctioned) from each ovary follicle following the ultrasound guide. Once the eggs are successfully retrieved, they are examined very carefully by our embryologist. Then sperm from the male partner or sperm from the fertilityworld Semen Freezing bank based on the conditions/parents suggestions and requirements, the sperm is placed around the retrieved egg or directly injected into each egg using ICSI techniques. This process is called in vitro fertilization (IVF). The fertilized egg is then transferred into the recipient’s uterus to carry the pregnancy.

The fertilityworld also freezes the retrieved egg in its Donor Egg Bank and serves the patients whenever recommended by them. In a frozen transfer, the embryos are frozen and typically transferred at a later time. Frozen transfers are sometimes utilized so that preimplantation genetic screening for aneuploidy (an abnormal number of chromosomes) can be performed.

Fertilityworld egg donors qualifications?

  • She is recruited via our egg donation programs,
  • She is young and healthy between 21-35 years,
  • She can be anonymous or known to the recipients,
  • She is mentally and physically fit for donating eggs,
  • She provides her total profile database,
  • She knows the terms and conditions of being a donor,


  • Donor age is the most significant factor contributing to a high success rate of an IVF cycle.

Why do couples entrust our Donor Egg Bank in India?

The fertilityworld provides complete information about the donor guaranteeing their informed choice with transparent specific information profiles to our prospective couples. However, the identity of the donor is kept completely anonymous but we provide it to them based on the confidentiality between us. Our Donor profile has the following legit information:

Name D-001 Fertility Qualifications Physical Characteristics
Age 25 AMH level 5.5 ng/mL Height 5’4″
Marital Status Single FSH 8.5 Weight 55
Sex Female E2 46 Eye Color Black
Education Graduate LH 7 Hair Color Black
Occupation Socialist AFC 20-12 Complexion Fair
Children NA CYSTS No Body Type Slim
Smoking No Pregnancies No Ear shape round lobe
Alcohol No Previous Donor No Nose shape bulbous
Drugs No Blood group O+ve Shoulder type Regular
Hobbies Reading Fav. Movie Frankenstein Fav.Sports Badminton
Fav. book Shakespere Fav. Color Blue Fav.Game Chess
Fav TV show Big Bang Fav. Place Maldives Creative Yes
Fav. song The best Indians Innovative Yes
Fav. animal Lion Exercise Gym Adventurous No

Process of Egg freezing, at fertilityworld Donor Egg Bank in India?

We the fertility world freeze your eggs or donate our frozen donor eggs to those women whose egg quality is weak or due to certain medical conditions and lifestyles as mentioned above. 

The egg freezing process is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. How do we freeze your egg/donor egg? The harvested eggs of the woman from the above procedures are frozen to sub-zero temperature i.e. under -196 degrees of liquid nitrogen for long periods. This is done to stop all the biological activity occurring in the egg and used in future fertility treatments like IVF, IUI.

Egg freezing is a safe and helpful time-killing procedure for those women who are not planning for pregnancy currently but want to be sure about their ability to conceive in the future or have a biological child. 


  • The eggs are good for fertilization for up to 10 years after being frozen.

What is the Cost of Egg freezing in India?

In India, the procedure of egg freezing is less expensive than in other countries. The fertilityworld is offering an egg freezing plus IVF process in the future at the cost of 1.40 lacs to 1.60 lacs INR. This inclusive cost of egg freezing covers the following:

  • IVF procedures, 
  • All fertility medications, injections are given for ovarian stimulation,
  • Egg retrieval procedures,
  • Subsequent freezing.

Also, the cost of freezing only an egg without IVF procedures starts from Rs.10,000 up to Rs.15,000 per month.

Final thoughts:

Should you go in for an Egg donor IVF? Should you preserve your Eggs?

With recent developments and new technology evolving now and then, most couples across the world are moving towards self egg/sperm IVF by freezing them, securing their career, and achieving parenthood later via IVF, IUI. The fertilityworld’s best embryologist and fertility specialist always encourage couples to have their genetic child unless donor gametes are the last resort. However, donor gametes or frozen self gametes also result in the same as fresh gametes.

The fertilityworld chief embryologist will help you to provide all the information related to Egg freezing procedure in detail, including the benefits and risks, and the best suitable suggestion that suits you.


  • Egg donation in India is affordable and can be availed by any couple from across the world.
  • An egg donor takes medication to stop their menstrual cycle and stimulate the ovaries.
  • The procedure takes place under sedation, anesthesia.
  • Donating and implanting eggs is generally a safe and well-tolerated procedure.
  • The recipient may know or not know the donor, and different facilities have different levels of donor confidentiality. 
  • Many donors receive financial compensation for their time and eggs.
  • The screening process is thorough in minimizing the risk of congenital anomalies and genetic diseases.


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