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The legal platform for Surrogacy centers in New York! Surrogacy is technically a beautiful experience and an unforgettable journey for Intended parents to grow their family. And for the Gestational surrogates to carry babies for someone unable to do so on their own. The program involves the cost of surrogacy, several processes, procedures, legal laws & formalities, agreements, and contracts. Individual approach to the surrogacy program could involve many risks like step confusion, financial drain (if fall into the hands of the fraud), can involve complications, etc. 

Fertility World is here to help you and navigate you through the surrogacy journey in New York. We will begin together with the surrogacy process, surrogacy laws, all the official formalities and also how to find surrogate and egg donors and so much more. We stand with you from the scratch of your queries till you embrace a baby in your arms. Surrogacy is an amazing life journey to new life!

Surrogacy Laws in New York

New York is also one of the most active states in the US, where Intended parents are continuously availing Fertility World Infertility center services in the Surrogacy program and growing, to grow their families. The fertility World is proud to have great success in helping New Yorkers and foreigners to become parents through us. We also help and navigate LGBT parents and couples to become parents via surrogacy. New York is a beautiful place to dwell with its active LGBTQ plus community becoming great parenthood.

The Child-Parent Security Act 2021:

Surrogacy law that has legalized gestational surrogacy (commercial surrogacy). It provides a simple path in establishing legal parental rights for intended parents who depend on assisted reproductive technology (ART) to have children and extend their families. Also, significant records may amend the name of the prospective parents to be recorded on the birth certificate of the surrogates for all the New York State except for the New York City i.e Boroughs of Manhattan, Kings, Queens, Bronx, and Richmond. Also, significant records may amend the name of the prospective parents to be recorded on the birth certificate of the surrogates for all the New York State except for the New York City i.e Boroughs of Manhattan, Kings, Queens, Bronx, and Richmond.

Intended Parents:

  • Intended parents that use third-party reproduction and conceive will have a secure legal relationship with their surrogate child from birth.
  • There should be legal compensation agreements with the gestational carrier.
  • Securing the parenthood of non-biological parents is simpler.
  • End legally in uncertainty for single mothers who use a sperm donor.

Here’s what the new law 2021 says for

Gestational Carrier:

  • The surrogates will have the right to make all health, welfare decisions regarding herself and her pregnancy, including termination of the process.
  • She will have an independent legal counsel of her choice.
  • She will have access to a health insurance policy, paid for by intended parents.
  • Surrogates will have access to counseling and life insurance.

Process of surrogacy in New York

Fertility World has been helping straight intended parents, LGBT couples, and single parents to become parents in New York and internationally. The surrogacy process may be complex at times, there are certain steps to reach a milestone, welcoming a baby. Therefore, it is very important to understand the process of the surrogacy journey. You have an option to undergo surrogacy independently or with the help of a surrogacy agency. Fertility World advises and recommends you to seek an agency to undergo a smooth functioning journey. With over decades of experience, our team provides fair treatment, support, and guide you to safe and secure surrogacy journeys.

  • Choosing an agency

The foremost duty is to research any steps of surrogacy. Many agencies are dealing with surrogacy programs. But not all agencies are a good fit. Know which is best fit for you, who understand your views and have friendly chemistry with the fruitful outcome, its surrogacy environment, etc. The Law of surrogacy varies from state to state, so choose an agency that has knowledgeable attorneys in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and surrogacy laws. Fertility World is equipped with all the qualities in surrogacy from expert professionals, Doctors, attorneys, staff, etc. we make a favorable environment for our intended parents, surrogates, and Donors.

  • Find a surrogate and Egg Donor

At the Fertility World, we work hand-in-hand with the program coordination team and find the best surrogate match for you. We believe in quality services, building a great relationship with our patients (between prospective parents and surrogates) with hopeful assurance. We provide an environment between our intended parents and the surrogates to have strong bondage who is going to carry your baby in her womb. 

Some intended parents require an egg donor to extend their family, before matching the surrogate, parents will match with an egg donor. We also provide a database of our Egg Donors, so the intended parents can select from them. Our database is women at their best reproductive age, medically and physically fit, and are excited for the opportunity to help them grow their families.

During the positive pregnancy by the surrogates, the relationship between the intended parents and the surrogates becomes stronger. All the information between them is being shared with a joyful spirit related to pregnancy. The intended parents may visit for appointments or can chat through video calling in the surrogate appointment.

  •  Pregnancy and parenthood

After 20 weeks onwards Fertility World starts to work more closely with the surrogates and help you prepare for the birth of a child. We finalize the parentage of the child, and ensure you have everything, and lead you to return home safely.

What is the success rate of surrogacy in New York?

Fertility World believes not only in the successful delivery of a child but also in the satisfaction of our prospective parents, surrogates, and Donors. Providing you a satisfactory environment is our choice of service, we treat everyone equally as one. We produce the success rate of surrogacy about an average of (65-75)%. Once the surrogate mother is conceived with donor eggs, the success rate is as high as 95% in New York.

How to find an Egg Donor in New York

For those intended parents who require an egg donor in New York to grow their family. Finding the right egg donor match is key to a successful journey

Here’s how to find your egg donor, whether or not she lives in the Empire State!

Finding the best donor can feel like an overwhelming task. The first thing to think about is the type of women that you’re looking for, some look for young that have similar qualities to them. Some look for those who compliment their personality or appearance. Most intended parents start their egg donor search in a database. Making a list of search criteria before you begin can be helpful. Some considerations are:

  • Physical attributes (hair/eye color)
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Education
  • Previous fertility
  • Geography

Become a Surrogate Mother in New York

Women who want to give the gift of parenthood to those who cannot conceive it on their own in New York are allowed to apply for Gestational Surrogates. They’re easy, uncomplicated pregnancies, and have enjoyed being pregnant. They are generous, adventurous, and kind.

However, to become a surrogate, she must meet the below requirements and qualify:

  • She must have delivered a child of her own and is currently parenting at least one child.
  • She must have uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, as documented in medical reports.
  • She must be between the age of 21-41 years.
  • She must have a body mass index (BMI) of not more than 32. Calculate My BMI.
  • She must be a citizen, a legal resident of the US, and a proper immigrant. If she is a legal resident or immigrant she must be able to provide documents that are valid for at least two years.
  • She must not be involved in government aid programs (cash assistance, welfare, public housing & section 8). All other forms of government assistance are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The benefit of Surrogate Mother in New York

Some of the benefits that are available to surrogate mothers in New York are:

  • A good advantage to be matched with intended parents and clinics local to the New York area. It helps to reduce travel expenses, to be borne by the surrogate.
  • Receiving exceptional compensation and benefits, including pay up to 60k dollars.
  • Able to build a long-lasting relationship with the intended parents.
  • Memories of unforgettable journeys are attached close to your heart.
  • No confusion for the next surrogate program.

What is the cost of surrogacy in New York?

The cost of surrogacy varies depending on the demand of the standards, economic background of the states. In surrogacy, the cost is categorized into different categories:

  • Professional fees (Doctors, Attorneys).
  • A gestational carrier compensation (Surrogate mother).
  • Gametes Donors fees ( if used).
  • Medical and insurance expenses.
  • IVF expense and 
  • Additional charges in case of complications.

To know detailed costs and tailed information, please contact our helpdesk:

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