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IVF clinic in Varanasi

In Varanasi, the Fertilityworld is an earmarked IVF centre to create infertile couples’ parenthood dreams. It is ranked as the best IVF centre in Varanasi. The centre is over 25 years old and comprises highly qualified, experienced IVF Doctors and consultants. The IVF treatment quality is outstanding and promises success rates, at reasonable costs, all under its single roof. 

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Infertility treatments & services in Varanasi 

Infertility treatments & services in Varanasi 

In Varanasi (UP), the Fertilityworld provides well-supported infertility treatments and services to infertile patients, at the most reasonable costs. They include:

  1. In-vitro fertilization (IVF)
  2. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).
  3. Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection
  4. Frozen embryo transfer (FET).
  5. Laser-assisted hatching (LAH)
  6. Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA)
  7. Tubal Evaluation.
  8. Laparoscopy
  9. Semen Analysis: Semen Analysis test cost.
  10. Egg Freezing: Cost of egg freezing in India.
  11. AMH test- Process and cost in India
  12. Altruistic Surrogacy- What is Altruistic Surrogacy

Which is the best IVF centre in Uttar Pradesh?

Which is the best IVF centre in Uttar Pradesh

If you’re an infertile couple and looking for the best IVF centre in Uttar Pradesh. The fertilityworld has been the best IVF centre in different places of UP for decades. The centre’s cutting-edge IVF protocols and personalized treatment plans give you the best chance of having a family. Highly experienced specialists and administrative staff help and guide you personally and secure your IVF treatment success. The fertilityworld team has listed the top 6 IVF centres of Uttar Pradesh, please visit the link given below:

  1. Best IVF centres in Lucknow.
  2. Best IVF centre in Prayagraj.
  3. Best IVF centre in Kanpur.
  4. Best IVF centre in Agra.
  5. Best IVF centre in Meerut.

If you wish to pursue IVF in any of the above IVF destinations, kindly contact the fertilityworld. The team will help and guide you in pursuing IVF in your selected destination with free IVF consultation and a reasonable IVF price. 

Fertilityworld IVF Success Rate in Varanasi

Fertilityworld IVF Success Rate in Varanasi

In Varanasi, the fertilityworld IVF centre produces the highest IVF success rate. Between 75% to 85% success rate is made in self-cycle IVF & 95% in donor-cycle (egg/sperm). Excellent IVF success rate in India is seen in females between 21 to 35 years, why? Because it has the best-quality eggs that ensure IVF success rates. Also, IVF is possible in older women after the best fertility treatments and medicine, and by combining the IVF procedure with ICSI, FET, LAH, etc. In conclusion, the IVF success rate depends on the patient’s age, fertility conditions, response to medication, number of embryo transfers, and other factors. The fertilityworld will help you understand the reasons for your infertility so that you can create a treatment plan that maximizes your chances and guarantees your IVF success with reasonable IVF costs starting from Rs.1.50 lakhs to Rs. 2.50 lakhs. Look at the pie chart below, it interprets the fertilityworld IVF Varanasi success rate:

Let us understand the IVF procedure step by step

Procedure for IVF in Varanasi

IVF has helped thousands of couples grow families. It was first performed in 1978. This procedure involves the removal of eggs from a woman’s body & fertilizing them in the laboratory with fresh or frozen donor sperm. To achieve pregnancy, the embryos are cultured again and then transferred back to the uterus. IVF is simple, less time-consuming, excellent outcomes when executed by top doctors. But the procedure has step-wise execution that is discussed below:

  1. IVF Decision: The foremost thing patients have to do is consult with experts. From here, the expert will analyze your fertility background, encode previous reports, or suggest tests. The results will decide whether IVF is good for you or not.
  2. Reproductive cycle preparation: The patient is given birth control medication for one month to regulate the timing of their cycle.
  3. Ovarian stimulation or superovulation: The hormonal drugs or injection is given to the female to develop multiple eggs. She is closely monitored and continues medication for 1 to 2 weeks. Once the hormone reaches the right level, a trigger shot (hCG) is given for the last phase of egg development.
  4. Egg retrieval or oocyte pick-up: The next day of the trigger shot. The embryologists insert a thin tube in the uterus, locate the egg’s position with the help of an ultrasound guide, and retrieve the eggs.
  5. Sperm processing: During egg retrieval, the male partner is asked to give his sperm sample. Frozen sperm can also be used. The best quality sperm will be obtained for fertilization using advanced laboratory techniques.
  6. Fertilization: Immediately after the egg retrieval, the sperm is allowed to assist fertilization under the culture medium. Either by placing the egg and the sperm in a dish or injecting the sperm directly into it (intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI). Embryo development is carefully monitored.
  7. Transfer the embryo: Either a 3-day or 5-day embryo showing the best quality is selected and then transferred into the female uterus to receive pregnancy. This is a fast procedure & can be done onsite at the clinic. The majority of patients don’t need anesthesia & may feel some discomfort.
  8. Pregnancy confirmation: A pregnancy test is performed after 10 to 12 days of transfer. If confirmed a follow-up visit is required. If negative, scheduled for the next IVF cycle.
  9. Additional Services: Patients can add services to their IVF cycle depending on their treatment plan and diagnosis. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Laser-assisted hatching (LAH), and Frozen embryo Transfer (FET) are the most approached standard procedures that go along with IVF. 

Who should consider IVF treatment?

Who should consider IVF in Varanasi

IVF is the best alternative treatment for couples who are unable to get pregnant due to various infertility factors and conditions. The following factors in couples should consider the IVF treatment: 

  • Aging women above 37 years,
  • Females with uterine fibroids or ovulation problems,
  • Tubal issues (damaged or blocked fallopian tube)
  • Previous sterilization or removal of the tubal hair
  • Infertility due to male factor (poor sperm quality, mobility, etc)
  • Genetic disorders,
  • Unexplained Infertility,
  • Always follow the expert’s concerns before IVF.

Male Infertility Factors

Male Infertility Factors

Sperm quality is the main factor that contributes to male Infertility such as poor sperm quality, weak mobility, poor morphology, and insufficient ejaculation. These male infertility factors are directly or indirectly influenced by lifestyle, medical background, and exposure to environmental factors. However, most male infertile factors can be improved by following special dieting. In the link provided here, you will find “17 Food To Improve Sperm Count & Quality”. 

IVF Cost in Varanasi, UP

IVF Cost in Varanasi, UP

The IVF cost in Varanasi, UP is Rs 1,50,000 for a self-cycle IVF (IVF using self-egg and self-sperm), it covers prescribed medicines, injections, Blood reports, Complete IVF procedures, and others. The cost of IVF using a donor cycle that is donor egg/sperm is Rs. 2,50,000 onwards in Varanasi which also covers donor cost, medicines, injections, blood works, complete IVF procedure, and others. This inclusive IVF cost is much more reasonable and offered by the Fertilityworld.

Best Infertility Doctor in Varanasi

Best Infertility Doctor in Varanasi

Today, Infertility affects 1 in every 5 couples because of changes in environmental factors like chemical exposures, lifestyles, and certain diseases. Therefore, the fertilityworld has stationed world-class doctors at every centre in Uttar Pradesh. In Varanasi, our Doctor’s skilled team navigates patients from their infertility background, understands the reason for infertility, and guides them accordingly. Our sole theme being the infertility centre is patient satisfaction and safety first. 

The two finest and best infertility Doctors stationed in Varanasi are Dr. Nidhi Sharma and Dr. Pammy Murthy. Both of them are well experienced in tackling infertility problems which provide the best outcomes to their patients. Every infertility Doctor has a unique specialty, some are best in IVF, some in IUI, some in fertility medication, and some in general infertility problems. However, Dr. Nidhi Sharma is a specialist in IVF/IUI/Surrogacy/laparoscopy with over 20 years of experience, and Dr. Pammy Murthy is the chief embryologist with over 35 years of experience. These two top infertility Doctors are the backbone of the fertilityworld IVF success treatment in Varanasi.      

Top IVF centre in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Top IVF Centre in Varanasi

When you look for the top IVF centre in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). You will find two prominent, highly recognized, and successful IVF centres. The fertilityworld is at the top, followed by the Fertility Cure IVF centre. These centers are recognized based on the finest state-of-the-art, IVF success rate deliverance, the IVF package, and overall satisfaction provided to its infertile patients. The fertility treatments and services found in these centres are considered highly sophisticated and the IVF doctor’s team is highly qualified and well-experienced in IVF treatment. The centre infrastructure and the atmospheric environment are fully contented according to fertility provision and are highly appreciated. 

Best IUI centre in Varanasi

Best IUI Centre in Varanasi

The fertilityworld is the best Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) centre in Varanasi. The centre has inbuilt well-furnished world-class IUI treatment, including skillful and fragile procedures, which ensures a higher success rate and the IUI cost offered is very cheap. When male infertility is the cause or due to unexplained female infertility, IUI can overcome these factors. IUI can save couples from pursuing other fertility treatments that involve spending more money. During the IUI procedure, the skillful specialist selects the most viable reproductive sperm which is collected from the partner or cryopreservation sperm. The sperm is prepared and concentrated. Then with a special fine needle, the sperm is injected into the female uterus during her normal ovulation period (menstruation). The team monitors the female regularly to check for positivity and well-being of her health. 

What is the cost of IUI in Varanasi?

What is the cost of IUI in Varanasi

You can receive IUI at just Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 at the fertilityworld centre in Varanasi. Other Indian states that offer the cheapest IUI include; the IUI cost in Delhi NCR, and the North-Eastern region the IUI cost in Guwahati, Assam. Our mission is to provide standardized, high-quality IUI treatments with cost-effectivity and transparency.

Fertility cryopreservation in Varanasi

Fertility cryopreservation in Varanasi

The Fertilityworld team recommends patients preserve their fertility which is highly helpful to construct future parenthood. Couples who focus on their career or education first, patients before undergoing chemo or radiotherapy, or couples with genetic disorders. Always remember that the decline in fertility that comes with age can’t be reversed. Freeze gametes at the right age can be rebuilt for future parenthood. In Varanasi, the fertilityworld has the latest gamete freezing technology which can preserve your gametes for up to 15 years and more. The cost of fertility preservation is affordable and payable either monthly or yearly. 

Best IVF centre in India

Best IVF center in India.

The fertilityworld is listed as the best IVF centre In India and “the best Clinic for IVF in India”. This centre is over 25 years old, one of the highest experienced IVF centres in India. The centre significantly offers an affordable IVF price and delivers an excellent IVF success rate. Currently being a highly successful IVF centre in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The centre offers nationwide clinical trials to its patients as part of its commitment to innovation toward parenthood fulfillment through IVF treatment. Having these outstanding achievements in IVF, the fertilityworld has secured a position in the Top 10 best IVF clinics in the world.     

Cheapest IVF centre in India

Cheapest IVF in India

The IVF centre maintenance, treatment, and cost are expensive when compared to Western and other developed countries. But India being a developing country has the cheapest IVF centre that offers the lowest IVF cost in India to its citizens which ranges from Rs.1.50 lakhs to Rs. 2.50 lakhs. This cheapest IVF centre in India also offers comfortable IVF packages to international patients who travel to India to achieve parenthood dreams. If you’re an International infertile patient & need affordable IVF treatment providing centres across the world, the link will guide you to the best IVF destination; the Cheapest IVF in the world.      

Why Choose Fertilityworld IVF Center in Varanasi?

When! it comes to choosing a fertility centre in any place, learning the ratio of IVF success rates is crucial followed by the IVF cost. At the “fertilityworld IVF Centre in Varanasi”, the team is always proud to have achieved outstanding success rates and become part of celebrating the success of our patients. Our team is committed and consists of experienced specialists and has a proven track record of helping countless couples realize their dream of parenthood through IVF. Our unique IVF strategy includes

  •  Expertise in fertility care counting overall well-being.
  • Comprehensive IVF services & free consultation.
  • We have incorporated high State-of-the-Art Technology.
  • Patient-centered approach medically & environmentally.


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