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The Fertility World surrogacy has been making parenthood possible for over two decades. We’re the leading fertility chain that endeavors to provide a world standard and holistic integrated surrogacy service provider in Delhi. Best surrogacy in Delhi with the state of the assisted reproductive technology (ART) infrastructure. Our Prime centers are Green Park, Dwarka, Greater Kailash, Rohini, Saket. We are committed- Together We make parenthood possible!

Let us discuss how gestational surrogacy is practically performed at the Fertility World in Delhi, India…

Step-by-step surrogacy process and its timeline

1. Registration and inquiring: The first step is your appointment through our social platforms. Once you register, our doctors will examine your report and suggest the best.

2. Signing a legal contract with Us: Once you’re satisfied with our professional’s consultation and you agree to undergo surrogacy with us. Together we signed an agreement for the program. The agreement requires various formalities to be done, don’t worry our legal attorney will make everything possible legally, with your documents attached.

3. Surrogate Matching: Once your (intended parents) documents are available, we start the matching of the surrogates with you. Based on the physical attributes of the parents, our surrogates database is listed and upon your choice from our database, a surrogate is picked. The matching of the surrogates involves various steps that are taken care of by our professionals.

Your possibility for the IVF cycles, menses dates are inquired and confirmed, based on this confirmation the surrogate is kept under birth control pills to match your cycle timing. If you’re using an egg donor, then the egg donor and the surrogate are synchronized for a controlled IVF Cycle. If needed we allow Intended Parents to meet the donor and the surrogate before starting the medical procedure.

Note: For single male parents surrogacy, LGBTQ surrogacy process, the egg donor is a must required and we provide guaranteed surrogacy with donor egg.

4. Screening: Once the surrogate is selected, legal documentation and medical preparation start. The parents’ fertility is evaluated through a blood test and sperm analysis for positive IVF. A gestational mother undergoes various screening, tests, and scans for her robust health for carrying a baby. The most important part of the evaluation involves her reproductive health and her uterus lining. Possibility of cyst or fluid in the uterus, the thickness of her endometrium lining are examined. During this stage, our professionals provide you with an overall surrogacy and the possibility of associate risk or side effects with you. 

5. Synchronized with the Surrogate: To exactly match the menstrual cycle of the female partner or an egg donor with the surrogate for having a positive IVF cycle, you may be prescribed birth control pills💊. If a self egg is used for surrogacy, then our professionals recommend you to take control pills💊 on specific dates for timing your menstrual cycle🔃, evaluation and the surrogacy program starts once your menses begin. 

Many intended couples also opt to freeze the embryos for future IVF In such cases, no synchronization is required. Freshly preparing embryos and transfers is far easier than Frozen embryo transfer with a high success rate.

6. Surrogacy without IVF is incompleted

Steps involves in In-Vitro Fertilization:

  1. Uterus lining preparation: The surrogates are prepared for uterus lining, where she is injected/orally prescribed medications for building thickness of the endometrium up to 10mm before embryo implantation. After 18 to 21 days of the surrogate menstrual cycle, the embryo is implanted. 
  2. Embryo transfer: This process is simple, easy, and painless. A device called a catheter is used to transfer an embryo into the surrogate uterus. This whole process involves 15 to 20 minutes. 

After 2 to 3days of transfer, the surrogate resumed her daily normal activities.

9. Pregnancy Confirmation: After two weeks, a surrogate comes to the clinic for Beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (BHCG) tests; to confirm pregnancy. A urine sample is collected in the morning and tested for hCG hormonal level (a pregnancy hormone) or most accurately using a blood test 100%.

10. Positive pregnancy: Once pregnancy is confirmed, a surrogate is externally supported with hormonal medicine till 12 weeks. After that surrogate will carry a baby normally to the term. Many parents come to see the surrogate scanning to listen to the heartbeats 💓 of their biological child.

11. Welcome the baby: The date for delivering a child is known to the surrogate and the prospective parents well in advance. The birth of the child is carefully nurtured by our experienced nurses and hands over the baby to you. 

How is the surrogate mother arranged in Fertility World? 

At Fertility World in Delhi, we requisition the surrogate provider to give us a list of healthy surrogate mothers with proven fertility and completed family with proper consent forms. The intended parents are provided with a list to choose a surrogate mother. When a match between the intended parents and surrogate mother is made, all screenings (blood investigations, ultrasounds, screening of complete medical history, surgical & family history) are effectively performed. All the legal formalities are ensured in the presence of a legal advisor before processing the surrogacy procedure. All these facilities are available on the same premises.

How do we ensure a young and healthy surrogate mother?

Our surrogates are 100% healthy at their best reproductive age because before listing her in our database, she is thoroughly evaluated through various means and processes:

  • Medical Screening: It involves blood tests, ultrasounds, screening of the reproductive organs including the uterus, and abdominal cavity.
  • Psychological Screening: Both the surrogate mother and her husband are acknowledged about the procedure and support requirement.
  • Partner Screening: The surrogate and her partner if married are evaluated to check for any sexually transmitted diseases.

Surrogacy with Donor Assisted Reproduction

We also came across many intended partners who are unable to produce quality eggs and viable sperms for surrogacy reproduction or to avoid genetically linked diseases to the child. Most of their stories feel devastating, losing their hope of building a family. Therefore, we rejuvenate their dying hopes and fulfill their dreams of parenthood with donor-assisted reproduction.

Guaranteed surrogacy with Donor Eggs

Surrogacy with egg donation is more effective than using a self egg up to 100% success. Surrogacy is also guaranteed to those couples whose infertility is caused due to the following:

  • Ovarian Functional abnormalities in female
  • Women advanced in the age, in their late 30s and 40s

The path of using surrogacy with Donor eggs is becoming increasingly common today, it is estimated that more than 20,000 families usually use this to create their families.

Assured Surrogacy with Sperm Donation

If partner sperm is not viable for reproduction, using donor sperm assures successful reproduction. Fertility World will arrange a healthy sperm donor. Our sperm donor is young, healthy, and free from any sexually transmitted disease and genetic disease; he is appropriately screened, then sperm is collected and quarantined; we are also collaborating with many national certified sperm banks. After your preference of donor is selected, the bank ships a frozen sample of the sample to our facility.

The methods of insemination or fertilizing an egg may be different such as the traditional method, intrauterine insemination, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) depending on female infertility issues. 

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