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Inclusive, Complete Service Surrogacy Consulted in Mumbai. Our Objective in your service is to “Satisfy Your Family Longing Dreams Into Reality” highly from Healthy egg and sperm donation, finding your choice of surrogate mothers, surrogacy process & cost of surrogacy in Mumbai. We are highly focused in Mumbai, sharing joy with our clients of 10 years of experience, highly skilled and experienced surrogacy professionals, experienced attorneys to handle your legalities. We serve with love and care for our clients providing hassle-free services, without external and internal disturbances throughout your program. Start your surrogacy journey with Fertilityworld center who offers:

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We’re devoted to provide unparalleled support and make your arrangements of stay during the whole travels for International and National Intended Parents (heterosexual, same-sex, and individuals), Egg Donors, Sperm Donors, and Surrogate mothers in Mumbai, with complete package details.

The traditional picture of a household would not be complete without kids. Their inability to procreate has led to marital disharmony, bigamous marriages, spousal abandonment, and domestic violence for many females. Additionally, concerns over genetic progeny for land rights and the continuation of the bloodline have directed couples to seek various ART options. Surrogacy is a blessing and only an alternate option for infertile couples (married or unmarried) where the female is unable to carry a child in her womb due to medical reasons. It’s a golden opportunity for such few to have their genetic child; differently, they would have been forced to go for adoption. Also to grasp this opportunity and to have a successful dream, it is advisable and recommended to have a surrogacy at reproductive age as possible. It will avoid further complications, valuable time and welcome a child at a lower cost.


The surrogacy program is an advanced technology and an ultimate gateway for fertility treatment in Mumbai. Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman agrees to maternity, attained through ART, in which neither of the gametes belongs to their husband, together with intending to carry it and hand over the child to person/persons for whom she’s acting as surrogates.

According to ART Bill 2010, if the intended wife uterus is unable to carry a pregnancy – then embryos is generated from the wife’s eggs (oocytes) and husband’s sperm through In-vitro fertilization (IVF) and is implanted into a surrogate mother uterus, she carries a child for nine months, and deliver them and handed to prospective intended parents post-delivery. To know more about the Surrogacy process step by step: Click here

Why is surrogacy in Mumbai right for you?

Generally, most couples initially find it confusing and have difficulties finding the right platform for surrogacy in Mumbai. In reality, choosing to go for surrogacy is an emotional aspect. But your stern decisions matter here, Right and Wrong. We the FERTILITY WORLD based in Mumbai with 10 years of experience as an infertility specialist, wipe off your confusions into simpler forms, making your prolonged dreams into reality, with a beautiful child. We provide psychological counselors in our center that take care of all your emotional rides throughout the journey. According to recent data, Most of the intended couples are opting for surrogacy in Mumbai.

What are the types of surrogacy in Mumbai?

Surrogacy is of two types:

  1. Traditional surrogacy:  In this type of surrogacy, a surrogate mother is artificially inseminated, either using intended husband’s or from healthy anonymous donors or the related donor, and carries the baby to term. In this case, the child is genetically related to the surrogate mother, who provides the egg. This process is banned in India.
  1. Gestational Surrogacy: In this type of surrogacy, a woman called surrogate mother carries a child on behalf of the intended couples (Heterosexual, married or unmarried, and individuals), who is unable to get pregnant and have a child naturally due to medical reasons, health issues, history of inheritance, etc. 

The surrogate mother is not biologically linked to the surrogate child or may be linked in special cases (if the intended wife’s egg is low, weak, or if the husband’s sperm count is low), then egg or sperm is used from healthy donors. 

Therefore, most of the couples from National and International choose gestational surrogacy over traditional surrogacy because of its success rate of 65-75%. Moreover, most of the surrogacy center’s focussed on this type of surrogacy to avoid legal complications. Gestational surrogacy in Mumbai is established in 1985. In Mumbai, one of the best surrogacy and IVF centers you can find is the FERTILITY WORLD.

Why should I need donor Eggs?

There may be situations, where intended couples have to opt for Donor Eggs for their surrogate because of the following reasons:

  • Aging is one factor, your wife’s number and quality of eggs are reduced drastically.
  • If you had a premature ovarian failure.
  • Having streak ovaries due to some congenital anomalies.
  • If your ovaries are removed due to cancer, or severe endometriosis.
  • If you have a history of genetic disease and don’t want to pass it to your offspring.
  • If you failed the previous IVF cycle due to your bad quality of eggs.

The use of donor eggs results in high chances of conception because the donor is a selected, young, healthy woman.

Who is Eligible for Surrogacy in Mumbai?

The list mentioned below is some of the common medical conditions which can make it difficult or sometimes make it impossible to bear a child in your womb naturally. 

  • Women who lack uterus by birth also known as a congenital abnormality or due to medical reasons but have functional ovaries.
  • Women with medical disorders e.g uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, autoimmune ailments, renal disease, psychiatric illness, or any other illness which can worsen during pregnancy.
  • Women with the damaged uterine lining.
  • Women who have repeated miscarriages.
  • Women with repeated IVF cycles.
  • A severe case of Rh isoimmunisation.
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss.
  • Recurrent implantation failure.

ART invoice 2010 implies that no ART clinic shall consider conception by surrogacy for patients for whom it could be generally possible to take baby till duration.

Who can be a surrogate mother in Mumbai?

To become a Surrogate mother in Mumbai for the intended couples, she should qualify the following conditions according to ICMR guidelines 2010:

  • A healthy married woman aged between 21-35 years (reproductive age).
  • She must at least have given birth to a child, raised her child. 
  • She should not have more than two children.
  • She may be a close relative of the intending couple.
  • She should possess an eligible medical certificate and psychological fitness for surrogacy.
  • She should have her husband’s consent and her family if required.

What is the procedure of surrogacy involved in Mumbai?

We the FERTILITY WORLD, if the intended couples are qualified for surrogacy, there are certain steps to follow, to obtain surrogacy legally without any external obstructions:

  1. Surrogate selection: After a couple is advised and decides to go for surrogacy, Govt recognized ART lender is contacted for a healthy & reliable surrogate. Qualified Historical background, Examination of her Health then ultrasonography.
  2. Counseling: Regarding Psychological, Emotional, and financial aspects.
  3. Surrogacy contract agreement: Between intended parents, surrogate couples, and the involving parties.
  4. Cycle matching: Either of the intended couples and surrogates or Donor and surrogate.
  5. Pregnancy: Surrogate is screened for several possible medical ailments & infections. Her uterine lining is prepared by giving hormones and embryos are moved once the uterus is prepared, most often by 15-20 days of the cycle. She’s given medicines 16 times to encourage pregnancy and then a pregnancy test is done.
  6. Child custody: After the delivery, Intended couples become the biological parent of a child.
  7. Additional assistance: Surrogate mother is given extra care depending on her health after delivery as in contract.


Chances of conception are as high as 70% with surrogacy, provided the gametes are healthy. We’ve been successfully able to accomplish this goal year after year.

Total Cost of Surrogacy in Mumbai

The Average cost of surrogacy in Mumbai at FERTILITY WORLD is ₹10,00, 000/- to ₹15,00,000/ only. The treatment cost for surrogacy varies depending on the kinds of surrogacy arrangements and fertility center treatment.

To get the accurate cost for surrogacy, contact our Helpline desk. Contact-+919311850412 /

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