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Surrogacy ProgramSuccess rate
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IVF with Donor EGG80%
IVF with Self Egg70%

What do you know about gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational Surrogacy is an arrangement or a program where a surrogate mother carries and delivers a child for another (Intended) couple or person. In this program, the fertilized egg called the embryo is implanted into the surrogate uterus. The eggs will be retrieved from one woman and fertilized with man sperm using the In-vitro Fertilization techniques(IVF) in the fertility laboratory. She, the Surrogate mother carries the pregnancy to term and delivers a healthy child then hands over the baby to the prospective parents as mentioned in the agreement. 

Understanding the Gestational surrogacy at the Fertility World

In gestational surrogacy, the child is never related biologically to the surrogate mother, who is often referred to as a gestational carrier. Instead, the embryo is created via in vitro fertilization (IVF), using the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or donors, and is then transferred to the surrogate uterus for carrying the pregnancy. Gestational surrogacy is a treatment option available to women with certain clearly defined medical problems, usually an absent uterus, to help them have their genetic children.

Why Gestational Surrogacy is legally less complicated?

Sometimes, this gestational surrogacy is also called Host Surrogacy or Full Surrogacy. This is because in most cases at least one intended parent is genetically related to the child, and the surrogate is not. This makes gestational surrogacy less legally complicated than other forms of surrogacy because step-parent or second-parent adoption is not required. The Surrogate cannot donate her eggs in this surrogacy. Therefore, there are no emotional parental issues from the surrogate.

Who can Consider Gestational Surrogacy in India?

According to the Surrogacy regulation bill India, the following people might consider surrogacy:

  • A married couple for at least 2 to 5 years
  • Couples who have struggled with infertility records
  • Hopeful single parents, divorcee, partner expired.
  • People who don’t want a genetic link between the surrogate and their child
  • Anyone unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term, and unexplained infertility.
  • Women with certain clearly defined medical problems, usually an absent uterus.

What are the medical conditions to use surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is used when an intended parent wishes to have a child but have the following conditions:

  • The female partner does not have a uterus or a medical condition that prevents carrying a pregnancy safely. 
  • Women who have a history that suggests a problem with their uterus such as recurrent miscarriage
  • IVF failure or when a female partner is absent (single male or gay couple).

Who can be a gestational carrier?

  • A healthy woman between the ages of 21 and 35, best reproductive age
  • She is physically, mentally, and medically fit to carry a pregnancy.
  • She has at least one child or has successfully delivered a baby 
  • She has a supportive family, her husband, and friends for the surrogacy program
  • She does not have more than five previous vaginal deliveries or two previous cesarean deliveries.
  • She is open to sharing pregnancy with her healthcare provider.

How is the Fertility World medically prepared for Surrogate?

We guaranteed that the Gestational Carrier must have a complete history and physical examination performed to ensure that there are no reasons for her to avoid pregnancy. This examination also will identify patients at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. The Indian Council of Medical Research recommends that all carriers be tested for viral infections, including HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and cytomegalovirus. We strictly follow its protocols and believe in it because of our long years of experience in the field of surrogacy.  


She is clinically interviewed by our mental health professional. This and subsequent interviews will cover the potential psychological risks associated with the process including managing relationships with her partner, her children, her employer, and the intended parents. Psychological testing can also be performed at the discretion of the counselor. 

Do we compensate gestational carriers?

Yes, a Gestational Carrier is generally compensated or reimbursed for her medical expenditures, depending on each state’s terms and conditions for her body sacrifices, the time, her career, traveling, foods, and her medical expenditures, and effort involved in fulfilling this role. Compensation is agreed upon and signed in the contract before any treatment begins. The amount of compensation can be prorated based on the procedures performed, twin babies, cesarean, repeated IVF, etc. The compensation agreement is fully documented in the contract between the carrier and the intended parents and signed by both parties. 

How does surrogacy work, in the Fertility World?

Generally, the gestational surrogacy process involves finding the best surrogate mother, Agreements, completing legal contracts, and transferring the embryo to the surrogate Uterus to carry the pregnancy.

Some Intended parents locate surrogacy arrangements on their own and undergo an independent surrogacy with an attorney specializing in assisted reproductive law. However, not all intended couple independent arrangements are achieved. Why? Because most of the parents trust their instincts without understanding the procedures, requirements, legalities involved in the program, due to which: 

  • Some of them fall into the hands of fraudsters draining the money paying triple costs. 
  • Some couples’ dreams fail in the middle of their journey due to no legalities and so on…

If you are interested in gestational surrogacy, the easiest way one can achieve their family dreams, a beautiful, healthy child is by utilizing the surrogacy opportunity offered by the Fertility World Surrogacy Center at the lowest cost starting from Rs. 11 lakhs only. Most of the intended parents who have researched and understood the fertility World gestational surrogacy terms book an appointment for a hassle-free smooth surrogacy program. We stand with them in every step and help them find the best gestational carrier.

Once a match has been identified based on your choice, the surrogate and intended parents will each work with our legal surrogacy attorney and discuss each party’s legal risks and responsibilities, as well as surrogate compensation and agreements. Once all the involved parties are in agreement and the contracts are signed, the fertility World fertility clinic will prepare for the initial process of IVF and embryo transfer process. An embryo will be created and transferred to the surrogate using one of the following:

  • The eggs and sperm of the intended parents, in which case both intended parents will be genetically related to their child
  • A donated egg is fertilized with sperm from the intended father, in which case the intended father will be genetically related to the child
  • The intended mother’s egg is fertilized with donor sperm, in which case the intended mother will be genetically related to the child
  • A donor embryo or an embryo created using donor eggs and donor sperm, in which case neither intended parent will be genetically related to the child.

The surrogate mother will carry the baby as if it were any other normal pregnancy to the term by following one of the options from the above points, and the intended parents will welcome their biological child and have full legal custody when he or she is born.  

Understanding the Gestational Surrogacy Laws…

For many fresh intended parents, surrogacy is relatively new to them, and making them understand the surrogacy laws is not a kick at a go because the laws are currently fairly unsettled and complicated. Therefore, the Fertility World always recommended to any parents and surrogates each to have their legal representation to guide you through the process and to protect your rights. We, at the Fertility World, have the best-experienced attorney to deal with our patients legally, each intended parent is provided with legal representation to execute your surrogacy journey very smoothly according to laws applied.

However, while other forms (altruistic) of surrogacy law can be more complicated, the legal process for gestational surrogacy is often less complex than for other forms of surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, at least one parent is usually genetically related to the child, simplifying custody issues.

Either you could be from any part of the Globe, we have a great collaboration in top surrogacy centers all around the world and all the surrogacy laws are in our grip. Surrogacy laws are determined by each state, and certain states do not allow surrogacy at all. You can always contact us to understand any parts of the States surrogacy laws, our experienced professional or attorney from different parts of the world can help you understand gestational surrogacy laws in your state and help you complete the surrogacy process regardless of where you live.

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