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The fertilityworld charges reasonable IVF costs in Thailand also couples can choose IVF gender selection. At the fertilityworld clinic IVF cost range from (1,60,830- 2,14,428) Thai Baht or (4,500-6,000 USD. The clinic produces IVF success rates from 65% to 99%.

IVF in Thailand cost

Affordable fertility treatments in Thailand

In Thailand, you can undergo any fertility treatment at the fertilityworld but the center is putting its 100% focus on IVF treatments for its tremendous approach by couples. Thousand of couples, now travel thousands of miles for IVF in Thailand not only because it is cheaper, but also for the readily available, well-established medical care, the warmth and hospitality, and for an escape from the daily grind. Types of IVF provided by the fertilityworld in Thailand include;

  • IVF with self Egg and sperm
  • IVF with Donor Eggs and partner sperm.
  • IVF with self-egg and donor sperm.
  • IVF with donor egg and donor sperm (adoption).
  • IVF with ICSI treatments- IVF VS ICSI
  • IVF with PGD.
  • IVF with PESA/TESA/TESE, etc.

What is the success rate of IVF in Thailand?

Let’s look at the chart below that shows the statistics for IVF success rate:

success rate of IVF in Thailand

The fertilityworld IVF success rates are at the top in Thailand, with a 55%-75% live birth rate per embryo transfer. The center’s most dedicated team of specialists is committed to its profession and producing the highest IVF success rates in Thailand, making them proud parents. 

How much does IVF cost in Thailand?

How much does IVF cost in Thailand

At fertilityworld, IVF cost is very transparent and flexible, ranging from 4,500-6,000 USD in Thailand. The IVF cost varies depending on the type of IVF used. The total cost also depends upon individual fertility factors such as age, fertility problem, and the number of medications required.

The table below shows the Flexible IVF cost and other fertility treatments in Thailand, at the fertilityworld:

Fertility TreatmentsCost in THBCost in USD
IVF (Self egg+self sperm)168, 525.004,500.00
IVF + Donor Egg205, 975.005,500.00
IVF + ICSI224, 700.006,000.00
IVF + PGD (no gender selection)337, 050.009,000.00
IVF + PGD (gender selection)599, 200.0016,000.00
IVF + TESA/PESA, etc.205, 975.005,500.00
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)44, 940.001,200.00

Further, if you’re looking for the cheapest IVF destination, India is one among them. The fertilityworld based in India provides smooth and legal IVF to International Patients at the lowest cost; read the link provided; IVF Cost in India.

To know how IVF is done in India, please visit here: IVF Treatment in India. Further from the link, know the IVF success rates; IVF success rate in India. We have branches/centers in other nearby countries from Thailand such as:

IVF inclusive package covers the following procedures in Thailand:

The inclusive IVF cost mentioned above in the table covers the following:

  • Registration fees.
  • Free Consultations.
  • Basic investigations(screening/examination).
  • Fertility medications like hormonal injections, Anesthesia, etc.
  • Cost of the Donor Egg & Donor sperm (If required)
  • Egg retrieval
  • Doctor’s fee
  • Laboratory procedure fees.
  • Service provider fees.
  • Miscellaneous charges.

Which factors can affect the IVF Cost?

Which factors can affect the IVF Cost?

The total cost of IVF treatments depends upon individual factors. The following factors can add more to the IVF treatment cost, such as; 

  • Advancing in the women’s age (affecting the egg’s health), 
  • Certain fertility problems, unexplained, 
  • The number of medications required in your situation.
  • If preimplantation genetic testing/diagnosis is used, additional services like assisted hatching, embryo glue, etc.

However, the fertilityworld based in Thailand strives and offers lower-cost packages for IVF in Thailand. 

Fertilityworld egg donor database in Thailand

Fertilityworld egg donor database in Thailand
  • Caucasian Egg Donors: We have them based in South Africa, the USA, Ukraine, or Georgia. They can travel to IVF Destination.
  • Thai and Asian Egg Donors based in Thailand.
  • Indian Egg Donors can also travel to any part of the world.
  • African Egg Donors. They can travel to Bangkok or any IVF Destination for fertilityworld.

IVF using Donor Eggs in Thailand

IVF using Donor Eggs in Thailand

IVF with Donor eggs and male partner sperm is an appropriate option for those women unable to conceive with their own eggs, provided there is no contraindication to carrying a pregnancy (unexplained infertility). The use of donor eggs in IVF is legal in Thailand; however, commercial egg donation is not (egg donation for profit is prohibited in Thailand) permitted. Egg donor recipients are not allowed to receive eggs from more than one donor per treatment.

IVF with a donor egg produces a higher success rate of up to 99%. In fact, studies suggest that couples going in for a donor egg IVF cycle have a 70%-80% likelihood of conceiving in the first attempt, a number that goes up to 99% with multiple attempts. The benefits of using donor eggs far outweigh any potential feelings of doubt and uncertainty you initially might have. There are many great reasons why regret should be the last thing on your mind after you conceive with donor eggs.

Who should consider IVF treatments in Thailand?

Who should consider IVF treatments in Thailand?

Those couples having the following conditions or circumstances should consider the IVF treatments:

  • IVF is offered as a primary treatment for women over age 40. 
  • Female with blocked fallopian tube or damage.
  • Female with ovulation disorders. If ovulation is infrequent or absent, fewer eggs are available for fertilization.
  • Female with endometriosis. The growth of endometriosis can affect the function of the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes.
  • Females with uterine fibroids, common in their 30s and 40s. This can interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg.
  • Female with previous tubal sterilization or removal. If you wish to conceive after tubal ligation, IVF may be an alternative to tubal ligation reversal surgery.
  • Male with impaired sperm production or function. Low sperm count, weak movement of sperm, or poor sperm morphology can make it difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg. 
  • Unexplained infertility- Unexplained infertility means no cause of infertility has been found despite evaluation for common causes.
  • A genetic disorder: If you or your partner is at risk of passing on a genetic disorder to your child, you may be candidates for preimplantation genetic testing, a procedure that involves IVF is the best option.
  • IVF makes parenthood possible for couples before undergoing Cancer treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy or other health conditions. 
  • Women who don’t have a functional uterus or for whom pregnancy poses a serious health risk might choose IVF using another person to carry the pregnancy (gestational carrier).

What is the process of IVF treatments?

What is the process of IVF treatments?

The fertilityworld provides the simplest and the easiest way of IVF procedures with the aim to create successful parenthood for those emotional parents looking for the best alternative option. Once the couple agrees to do IVF at the fertilityworld, full support and guidance are provided.

  • Book an appointment/Registration: Simply register yourself and your contact at our website, or contact and email us at the provided details.
  • Receive Free consultations: After registration, our coordinators fix the consultation either online or offline. From there, your fertility information is studied and answers all your queries. Also, the best advice on fertility treatments is provided to suit your parenthood dreams.
  • Ovarian Stimulation: to produce multiple eggs rather than one egg normally for self-egg or Donor egg (if required). Fertility drugs or hormones are administered.
  • Egg Retrieval & Sperm collection: After the eggs get stimulated, they are retrieved by the embryologists with the help of a tiny needle attached to the ultrasound guide, each egg is retrieved from the follicles. The partner sperm or donor sperm is also retrieved at a time.
  • Fertilization: The retrieved egg and the collected sperm are combined together in a laboratory under the culture medium and get it fertilized.
  • Blastocyst Culture: The best-developed blastocyst especially 3rd or 5th-day blastocyst is ensured for complete development.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT): The selected blastocyst (embryo) is screened for certain genetic problems, although not all genetic problems can be found. Embryos that don’t contain identified problems are implanted into the female uterus.
  • Embryo implantation: After PGT testing is done, an embryo that doesn’t contain identified problems is transferred into the uterus to conceive a pregnancy.

If you wish to learn the details about the IVF treatment process, kindly visit the link: IVF Process step by step.

How long does it take to complete IVF treatments?

For one complete IVF cycle, it takes about 2-3 weeks. The IVF procedure requires a certain time commitment and it is best to free yourself, if possible, for that duration.

  • For 9-11 days: The hormonal pills and injections are administered (your age and fertility status determine the requirement), followed by egg retrieval.
  • Followed by the IVF fertilization Process. 
  • The embryos are monitored by the embryologist and subsequently transferred to your uterus on the 3rd or 5th day of blastocyst development.
  • The higher-priced packages of IVF are inclusive of PGD, which allows the doctor to check the genetic content of each embryo before transferring the best ones.
  • Return home after pregnancy is confirmed.

Can we choose gender in IVF in Thailand?

In Thailand, gender selection is legal, as Thailand is one of the few countries that allow most types of gender selection. Gender selection is done to control the sex of the unborn baby. It can be achieved before or after the implantation of the embryo. Thailand allows its fertility clinics to offer preimplantation gender testing (PGT). This is chromosomal screening that checks not just the gender of the embryos, but also the presence of genetic conditions. PGT procedures secure not only gender selection but also the normal healthy baby.

What is Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)?

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is a screening test that is performed on embryos created via in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. PGT screening genetically analyzes the embryos prior to transfer/screen for chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo.

How is PGT performed?

The embryo of the couple is created via IVF. After the IVF fertilization procedures before embryo implantation into the Uterus. The fertilityworld chief embryologist performs assisted hatching on the embryos to help obtain the cells for testing (Biopsy). 

After the biopsy, the embryos are frozen and the biopsies are sent to an outside laboratory specializing in PGT for analysis. Test results typically take 1-3 weeks, depending on the type of testing being performed. Once results are received, your doctor and a genetic counselor will review the results with you to help you choose which embryo to use for transfer and a frozen embryo transfer cycle can then be scheduled.

What makes the fertilityworld unique in Thailand?

The fertilityworld is the most approached IVF center in Thailand, not only for its highest success rates but it provides overall satisfaction to all without compromise. Apart from this, it provides a certain unique smooth service, including;

  • Offering cross-border IVF options- Thailand, India, Kenya, Dubai, China, etc.
  • It has an excellent egg donor database; consisting of Donors from different countries such as India, Thailand, Africa, Caucasian donors, etc.
  • Performs PGD or gender selection for Thailand, Dubai, and Kenya.
  • We can create embryos in Thailand, India, or Georgia and ship them to IVF destinations.
  • The IVFprovided is cost competitive and provides full support, guidance, and expert advice on different aspects (donor selection, type of IVF, best IVF clinics, etc.).
  • Take onboard HIV patients for IVF provided the viral load is optimum.

Know more about IVF in Thailand.

If you have any confusion or did not understand this page and want to know more about IVF, ICSI, PGT/PGD, IUI, Surgical sperm retrieving procedures, Donor assistance (egg/sperm/embryo), or any other related to fertility treatments, at fertilityworld in Thailand, please feel free and write to us at support@fertilityworld.in. we’re right away to answer and solve your problems with free consultations. 

Further, if you’re interested in directly discussing the cost of IVF, the cost of Donor eggs, cost of IUI, Cost of ICSI, Cost PGT/PGD, Cost of TESA/PESA/TESE/MESA, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount. Please feel free and write to us at finance@fertilityworld.in. We provide free consultations and no charges for your query.


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IVF in Thailand Cost?

At fertilityworld, IVF cost is very transparent and flexible, ranging from 4,500-5,000 USD in Thailand. The IVF cost varies depending on the type of IVF used. The total cost also depends upon individual fertility factors such as age, fertility problem, and the number of medications required.

Best ivf pgd clinic in Thailand?

The fertilityworld is the most approached PGD IVF clinic in Thailand, not only for its highest success rates but it provides overall satisfaction to all without compromise. Apart from this, it provides all other fertility treatments ensuring a great result.

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