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best surrogacy clinic in Bangalore

Today, the new surrogacy law enforced by the supreme court allows only altruistic surrogacy where the surrogate mother must be personally known to the intended parents- she can be from the family members, relatives, and the friends. The fertilityworld is considered the best surrogacy clinic in Bangalore because of its vast contributions to surrogacy, fulfilling many intended parenthood dreams by strictly maintaining the recent laws by its best lawyers (takes permission from the supreme court, handles parentage orders, maintains legal contracts to all involved parties).

Surrogacy in Bngalore

Understand the new surrogacy law from January 2022.

The supreme court implemented the new surrogacy law in January 2022. The law defines surrogacy as a practice where a woman gives birth to a child for an intending couple and hands it over to them after the birth. The new surrogacy law has permitted the following surrogacy provisions:

  • The Altruistic Surrogacy today to the intended parents with proven infertility or disease. 
  • It prohibited Surrogacy for sale, prostitution, or any other forms of exploitation.
  • Once the child is born, it is deemed to be the biological child of the couple. 
  • Abortion of a fetus is allowed only with the consent of the surrogate mother and the authorities.
  •  Surrogacy must adhere to the provisions of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act.
  • Visit the link and understand the previous Surrogacy laws in India.

Why fertilityworld is the best surrogacy center in Bangalore?

best surrogacy center in Bangalore

The Fertilityworld is considered the best surrogacy center in Bangalore as it heralds the beginning of a new age era for most Maternal and Child Care needs. There are numerous IVF & Surrogacy centers in Bangalore, but the Fertilityworld is a cut above the rest because it provides extraordinary in terms of overall satisfaction without compromises. It serves the best because of the following services in Bangalore:

  • Creates an idle environment for you to smile.
  • An affordable surrogacy package starting at just Rs. 15 lacs only.
  • 100% Guaranteed surrogacy with donor eggs.
  • Highly experienced doctors with a high success rate.
  • Provides the best surrogacy Lawyers.
  • Overall surrogacy programs are under a single roof.

The surrogacy Success rate in Bangalore

We are thankful to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for making us create happiness in someone’s life via surrogacy. The surrogacy success rate is confirmed once the surrogate gets pregnant, there is a 99% chance that a healthy baby will be born with donor eggs, 70% with self gametes, and 80% with donor sperm. 

See the pie chart below and understand the surrogacy success rates in Bangalore:

What are the reasons to undergo surrogacy treatments?

Surrogacy treatment in Bangalore

There are various reasons for people to undergo surrogacy treatments. A person who is waiting to turn into a parent via surrogacy is known as an “intended parent.” Couples and individuals of types could choose this path to achieve parenthood. Some of the following reasons are mentioned below for the intended couples needing surrogacy:

  • People who have struggled with infertility (childless).
  • Certificates of eligibility and essentiality to have a child via surrogacy from the surrogacy Doctors.
  • A married couple at least for 5 years,
  • Females between 25-50 years, and a male between 26-55 years.
  • The couple must not have any living child (biological, adopted, or surrogate). However having a child with mental or physical disabilities, or one suffering from a life-threatening disorder or illness has been exempted from the above criterion.
  • Same-sex couples
  • couples unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term.
  • Couples with multiple IVF failures.
  • Any couple having various infertility conditions.
  • Couples having the risk of genetic disease’
  • Couples about to undergo cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy e.t.c.

Surrogacy process in Bangalore, India

Surrogacy process in Bangalore, India

Surrogacy is an agreement where a healthy woman agrees to become pregnant via an embryo transfer and carry the consequent pregnancy for the intended parents to term. For the Complete Surrogacy process in India, the involvement of professionals is the easiest way to get help and guidance throughout the medical, legal, and emotional processes. At fertilityworld best surrogacy center, to have a complete surrogacy process in Bangalore, India; we follow these steps:

Step 1: We begin with free consultations on registration to anyone in person or phone calls, video calls e.t.c for outstations. Our coordinators schedule direct contact appointments with our professional experts. We’re great listeners and love to hear all your stories and what brought you into our Fertilityworld.

During consultations, our experts are always ready to quench all your queries. After all your questions are cleared and if you get an influence and satisfaction, they will further demystify how the surrogacy process works at Fertilityworld and what you have to do. Further, you will be consulted by our Doctors and legal surrogacy attorney and clarify all the legalities to be involved in our surrogacy program. Also, all the detailed information regarding the process of matching your surrogates with egg/ egg donors (if needed) is discussed.

Fertilityworld has its base in India and collaboration with many fertility centers around the Globe. We are equipped with all the legalities that are related to our patients and to send them back home securely with a completed family (a baby). Our process is designed and performed in such a way that no intended parents or couples are disappointed after the surrogacy journey with us. We’re dedicated and proud to be a part of your wonderful journey.

Step 2: All the involved teams will sign a contract agreement. You’ll be navigated and introduced to your coordination team, separate doctor, surrogacy attorney, and psychologist to make your environment favorable-friendly for infertility (emotions, stress, pressures from others, etc.). Also, your program coordinator is responsible for all the logistics involved with scheduling medical screenings, monitoring the IVF retrieval, and transfer for your surrogate and egg donor (if applicable).

Step 4: The surrogacy journey begins with a matching process, upon your choice of IVF clinic and an egg donor (if needed). Then the IVF process is followed: IVF Process step by step. In the next step, we match your surrogate compatibility. The matching process will take approximately 1 to 4 months, also it depends on your matching requirements.

Step 5: Embryo implantation and pregnancy: After the surrogate is prepared to receive an embryo in her womb. The best stage developed embryo is selected and transferred to the surrogate uterus: IVF Implantation Process in India. After the implantation, the surrogates are monitored regularly to confirm the pregnancy via blood tests, and ultrasounds. 

The surrogates will conceive pregnancy during the 6th-7th week. You will feel the first heartbeats of your prospective child and be excited. After full-term pregnancy, your coordination team will start arranging hospitals for the delivery of your surrogate. During the time of delivery, the legal team will coordinate for the completion of the legal paperwork for your baby(ies).

Step 6: Take your baby home: This step is the most anticipated stage of the journey, filled with excitement, and surprising wonders and you may feel like an end. But it will be your most awaited new beginning for your family. Our team will arrange all your formalities for your return back home safe and secure with your child.

Best Surrogacy Doctors in Bangalore, India

Best Surrogacy Doctors in Bangalore

Surrogacy needs an experienced and dedicated team to make it successful parenthood. Therefore, the fertilityworld always thinks ahead and keeps the best Surrogacy doctors in India, Bangalore; making it a miraculous service. Some of our best surrogacy doctors include Dr. Shobha Gupta (MBBS), Dr. Jaya Sharma (IVF consultant), Dr. G. K. Bedi (MBBS, Obstetrician, and Gynecologist as well as an Infertility Specialist) Dr. Shrutika Thakkar (MBBS, Obstetrics, and Gynecologist). Dr. Rajendra Desai {M.B.B.S, M.S. (Gynecology)}. e.t.c.

To get in touch with our doctors, please register with us:

Surrogacy with couples self eggs and self sperm

The fertilityworld first recommends undergoing self-cycle surrogacy if their gametes are viable to get fertilized. Also, Many intended couples often choose to undergo surrogacy with their female partner’s eggs and male partner’s sperm which is the best choice to embrace one’s own biological child. But every couple’s reproductivity does not permit them to undergo self-cycle surrogacy because of various infertility barriers:

  • This surrogacy is when the female partner does not have a uterus (genetic or surgical removal) or has a defective uterus (septum, bicornuate, arcuate, or due to infection like Tuberculosis) but she has a viable egg to conceive a child.   
  • Female with an AMH level between 1ng/ml to 1.6ng/mL and a male with a sperm count of 106 per mL is a good candidate to undergo self-cycle surrogacy. 
  • Another reason we use surrogacy is when the couple has had numerous failed IVF cycles.

Guaranteed surrogacy in Bangalore, India.

The surrogacy journey with the use of Donor Egg is known as Guaranteed surrogacy. It is guaranteed because of a 100% success rate delivered to the intended parents. See how Guaranteed Surrogacy in India, Bangalore works. Guaranteed surrogacy can be used by those intended couples having the following conditions:

  • Normal sperm count: 60 million/ml & above
  • Normal motility rate: above 40%
  • Normal Morphology of sperm: Oval head with Longtail
  • AMH level for females: Less than 1.5 ng/mL
  • Poor egg reserve is follicle count in Ovaries.

Where to get Donor Egg for Guaranteed surrogacy in Bangalore?

To provide easy access for getting the Donor egg and to ease the confusing procedures, The fertilityworld is running an excellent Donor Egg Bank, offering it to the intended parents at a very minimal cost. Many positive inputs have been received as our donor bank makes it easier for them to get an egg without wasting extra money in search of a Donor Egg. Based on the preferences of our intended parents, we also provide fresh Egg Donors from our donor database. Not only that, but the fertilityworld also helps and assists the parents to get donor eggs in Pan India.

What is the process of egg donation?

The process of egg donation is part of assisted reproductive technology (ART). The procedure involves donor ovulation induction by giving fertility hormones and the chief embryologist retrieving an egg from the donor (fresh) using specialized equipment and fertilizing them with the partner sperm in a laboratory. The resulting embryos are placed into the surrogate uterus. This is done using in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology. Specialists at the facility might sometimes freeze embryos to be used later or implanted in another woman. Women who are unable to use their eggs due to ovarian failure or advanced age often donate their eggs.

What are the qualities needed to be a surrogate?

The fertilityworld accepts Surrogate mothers from intended parents from any background, but they should have one important thing in common and that is the desire to help you in a remarkably unique and significant way. A common requirement for surrogates is they have already completed their own household, so they are usually raising children of their own and are typically married.

According to the new surrogacy law a surrogate mother has to be a close relative of the couple, a married woman with a child of her own, aged between 25-35 years, who has been a surrogate only once in her life. She must also possess a certificate of medical and psychological fitness to become a surrogate mother. For surrogate mother quality references, one can visit here: Surrogate mother home in India.

Is the baby related to the surrogate?

No, in self-cycle surrogacy the baby is biologically linked to both the intended parent and not related to the surrogate mother. The infant is biologically linked to the two individuals who contribute the sperm and egg when the embryo is created, not whose uterus the infant is carried in. Meaning that if planned parents need the support of sperm or egg donors to make an embryo, the baby will be biologically related to the donor(s). If the egg and/or sperm come from the intended parents, then the baby is biologically related to them. 

Do you know how much surrogacy costs in Bangalore?

If we inform you that you can get surrogacy treatment at a lesser cost without compromising the standard of treatment in Bangalore. Yes, you heard it right. ! We are aware that your eyes might be tired of searching for the ideal surrogacy clinic in Bangalore at a reasonable price. For that reason, we are providing you with detailed information regarding surrogacy and its cost in this link so you don’t have to waste your time on search engines rather than reading from here: Surrogacy cost in Bangalore.

Which is the best surrogacy agency in Bangalore, India?

The fertilityworld is the best surrogacy agency in India, Bangalore. We don’t spend a lot of money on fancy workplace surroundings or computerized data systems that may pull any statistic-relevant or even not out of their air. (Of course, it would be your increased fee that would cover all those kinds of expenditures!) We give personalized support. We have formal weekly staff meetings and speak on an ongoing basis to keep your situation organized and progressing as soon as possible. You will not get lost within a huge facility treating hundreds of customers.

How do we work …

  • Collaboration with world-class IVF hospitals and clinics.
  • Maintaining transparency and accountability in the entire process.
  • Our Affordable care and affordable packages.
  • Liaising with travel agents, attorneys, resorts, and all of the logistics involved.
  • Frequent updates together with medical reports to our IPs.
  • Continued care and service to our clients and surrogates right through the surrogacy journey.

Founded with a heart vision of bridging the ever-widening gap between Indian and international standard Care for moms and babies. With a diversified, well-trained, and motivated talent pool workforce, the hospital has attained the vision it envisaged and today is an accomplished reality.

Fertilityworld believes that a child is life’s greatest gift and pregnancy is one of the characteristics of the most charming experience it can offer. This gift deserves to be nurtured and cared for, not just at dawn, but for the whole period of your pregnancy. This is why, to guarantee a healthy and happy pregnancy, supplies you with world-class medical expertise, state-of-the-art amenities, a space full of laughter and love, and a team devoted to the holistic well-being of you and your baby. Having celebrated 10,000 births throughout areas, using a 2000+ strong team foundation, Fertility World has diversely expanded its reach into numerous facilities around India while continuing to preserve and excel global standards of care and is still going strong with plans to reach every child and woman from India.

What solutions do you offer?

We help match intended parents together with the right surrogate mother for them. Employing the information you submit in your profile and from conversations we have with you, we locate a surrogate mother who has the same views as you can. There are some quite specific aspects of surrogacy that have to be agreed upon before we tell you about a prospective surrogate mother in Bangalore. 

Our services include organizing the screening of the surrogate mother and her spouse; coordinating the background and psychological evaluations; coordinating the arrangement procedure between you and your mother; coordinating with all the fertility centers, lawyers, psychologists, obstetricians, and hospitals.

It becomes necessary for infertile couples around the globe to recognize the ideal spot for their therapy, particularly in a surrogacy case. Every couple has special requirements and necessities for their infertility treatments. Therefore, if patients are looking for efficient surrogacy treatments in Bangalore, then they can depend on our given list of finest surrogacy centers in Bangalore. 

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Surrogacy in Bangalore cost?

After the enforcement of New law 2022 the cost of surrogacy has increased, today it cost 15 to 20 lakhs due to the approval needed from supreme court and the govt fees to further proceed for surrogacy treatment.

Which is the best Surrogacy hospital in bangalore?

Fertilityworld IVF & Surrogacy Clinic has been rated as the best surrogacy centre since 2018 as the clinic provides excellent success rate and well organised and better care facilities for surrogate mothers like good nutritious food, standard of living, availability of nurse at surrogate home etc.

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