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IVF Cost in India

The Fertility World offers complete IVF pregnancy treatments at an affordable IVF cost ranging from 1.20 to 2.50 lakhs INR in pan India based on your selected city, individual infertility conditions. A team of highly experienced, dedicated Doctors, Legal attorneys, Nurses, and trained staff is upbringing the fertility world in your city at an affordable cost of IVF treatments in Pan India.

Get connected with the Fertility World to know the exact cost of IVF in India, IVF treatments will make your parenthood dreams come true. To discuss with our IVF specialist: 

IVF success rates in India at the Fertility World

1 in every 4 couples suffers from infertility today. The fertility World is producing a high IVF Success Rate in India rescuing 1 in every 4 couples Via IVF treatments: Check with the pie chat in detail below:

IVF costs at different cities in India

The IVF cost shows a variation from one place to another place, its locations, the living standards of the cities, its professionals, and based on advanced IVF treatment-

  • IVF with Self Gametes (egg, sperms),
  • IVF with Donor Assistance (eggs/sperms),
  • IVF with ICSI,
  • IVF with TESE,
  • IVF with TESA,
  • IVF with PESA,
  • IVF with PGD,
  • IVF with FET. 

Below table provides an average IVF cost in India in different cities:

Serial No.CitiesCost (Rs in lakhs)
1IVF cost in DELHI0.90 to 2.50
2IVF cost in BANGALORE0.90 to 3.20
3IVF cost in HYDERABAD0.90 to 2.50
4IVF cost in CHENNAI0.90 to 2.20
5Cost of IVF in PUNE 0.90 to 2.50
6IVF cost in KOLKATA1.0 to 2.50
7Cost of IVF in Mumbai0.90 to 2.35
8IVF cost in Lucknow0.80 to 2.50
9IVF cost in Patna Bihar0.90 to 2.20
10Low-cost IVF in Assam0.90 to 2.50
11IVF cost in Ahmedabad, Gujarat1.0 to 2.50
Serial No.IVF TreatmentsApprox Cost in Lakhs
1IVF with Self Gametes0.90 to 2.5 
2IVF with Donor Gametes1.25 to 3.0
3IVF with ICSI2.5 to 3.0
4IVF with TESE1.5 to 3.0
5IVF with TESA,1.5 to 3.0
6IVF with PESA,1.5 to 3.0
7IVF with PGD,1.5 to 3.0
8IVF with FET1.5 to 3.0
9Cost of IUI 10,000-20,000

Note: All figures are based on the updated current average cost of IVF treatment in detail.

Who needs IVF treatment?

IVF treatment is needed when the female partner or husband is having the following infertility conditions:

  • Women- unable to produce enough quality eggs.
  • Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Failure of IUI and other fertility treatments
  • Women with Endometriosis
  • Immunologic infertility 
  • Male infertility- symptoms of infertility in Men
  • Tubal ligation for genetic, medical, and health issues,
  • Either one or both partners have Genetic diseases,
  • Recurrent failure with intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and pelvic adhesions
  • Low IUI pregnancy rates, relatively higher with IVF,
  • Either one or both partners with unexplained infertility. 

What is the best age for men and women to get successful IVF treatment?

The best reproductive age for women to receive successful IVF treatment is between 21-35 years old. For males, IVF treatment is possible till the late 60’s years. The success rate gradually decreases as you advance in age. Get IVF done when it is the right time for you.

What are the different methods of IVF treatments?

At the Fertility World IVF treatments can be achieved by using a different mode of advanced treatments which is discussed below:

  • IVF with Self egg, self spermUnder this method, a couple’s gametes that are husband sperms, and a wife’s egg are used in a self-cycle IVF treatment.

Women with AMH levels above 1ng/mL and Male with at least 10 x 10(6) spermatozoa/ml are eligible for self sperm IVF treatment.

  • IVF with Donor egg or Donor spermEither sperm or egg from a donor are used in a donor IVF cycle. Donor cycle IVF is generally associated with a slightly higher success rate as compared to self-cycle IVF.

Women between 0.4 to 1ng/mL AMH level and a male between below 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen should use IVF treatment with Donors assistance eggs and sperms.

  • IVF with ICSIThis procedure is helpful in cases of severe male infertility such as abnormal semen analysis or males who had a vasectomy; IVF with ICSI is an option for such people. Even though other treatments are available, none are as effective as IVF with ICSI for treating moderate to severe cases of male infertility. The use of IVF for male infertility has become as successful as when used for the treatment of female-related infertility. ICSI involves injecting a single sperm directly into each egg to achieve fertilization.
  • IVF with PESAPercutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA)- The use of non-ejaculated sperm coupled with intracytoplasmic sperm injection has become a globally established procedure for couples with azoospermic male partners who wish to have biological offspring. Surgical methods have been developed to retrieve spermatozoa from the epididymis and the testes of such patients.
  • IVF with TESE: Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE) is an advanced form of PESA. The extraction of the testicular tissue for sperm search and isolation is done after PESA treatments fail patients or proven obstructive azoospermia cases. Under this, a standard open surgical biopsy technique is used to remove the testicular tissue without the aid of optical magnification for the IVF treatments.

Process of IVF treatments

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment is an advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART), the IVF implantation process involves fertilization of female eggs and male sperm outside the body in the Petri-dishes under the laboratory, then implanting the best-fertilized embryo back into the woman’s uterus (womb). It takes about 3 weeks for embryo implantation.

In General, all the IVF treatments with advanced treatments are almost the same but the success rates vary based on the experiences of the professionalsHowever, in the fertility world IVF treatments follow the following procedures:

  1. Booking an appointment,
  2. Initial Consultation- Free consultations,
  3. Ovulation simulation
  4. Trigger Injection
  5. Egg retrieval (Self egg or Donor egg)
  6. Semen Collection (self sperm or Donor sperm)
  7. Fertilize the egg with the sperm
  8. Embryo Transfer into the Uterus
  9. The luteal phase
  10. The pregnancy test
  11. Pregnancy is successful.

Did you know,  What Are The Reasons For IVF Failure are and how Infertility Treatment of IVF succeeds in the fertility world in Pan India? Read further, for detailed information about the IVF treatments IVF process Step By Step. To begin your IVF treatments in any provided cities in India;

What is the Cost of Donor Eggs?

If a female partner has an AMH level between 0.6 to 1.0ng/mL. IVF with a donor egg is the only option to fulfill your parenthood dreams because it produces pregnancy as a result.

The Fertility World has an excellent Egg Donor bank. We provide any prospective parents with our donor egg at the cost of Rs.35,000/- to Rs.50,000/- upon registration or appointment. We will provide our donor profiles with the relevant information such as:

  • Height, skin color, eye color, ear shapes, education background, medical background, and also generation backgrounds. However, our Donor’s identities will remain anonymous and confidential.

From the profiles, infertile parents are allowed to choose based on their requirements. We also accept infertile parents with their donor arrangements for the IVF treatments at the fertility World. The Donor should be the relatives or the friends of the infertile parents.

What is the cost of Donor Sperm?

If the male partner’s sperm count is below 15*10(6)/mm semen, IVF with Donor sperm is the best option for successful IVF treatments. The fertility world has a good sperm Donor bank, providing the Donor sperm at the cost of ₹30,000 to ₹35,000. We also provide an IVF treatment with Donor Sperm at the cost of ₹2,10,000.00 to ₹2,30,000.00.

What male can do to increase their fertility?

Male infertility/Low sperm count occurs in the quality of the sperm, its ejaculation. A low sperm count is when the fluid you ejaculate in orgasm has less sperm than normal. Low sperm counts are also known as oligospermia. What Is Oligospermia | What Causes Oligospermia

If you have less than 15*10(6)/mm sperm in your semen, your sperm count is considered lower than normal.

A low sperm count can reduce the chances that one of your eggs will be fertilized by your partner, leading to pregnancy. However, males can improve infertility problems in different ways. Know more about Male Infertility | Low Sperm Count | How to Increase sperm Motility.

What is the Cost of IVF with ICSI?‍

ICSI is a short form for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It is popularly called ICSI-IVF Treatment because it is not completely detached from IVF, it only involves some more extra steps than in the IVF process.

At the Fertility World, a single cycle of ICSI-IVF treatment starts from  ₹2.5 to ₹3 lakh INR. The cost covers injections for ovulation stimulation to produce multiple eggs, the Cost of the procedure done in the embryology lab cost of freezing an excess of good quality embryos.

Everything You Need To Know about ICSI and its process, who needs ICSI. ICSI is the most successful method of artificial treatment for problems related to infertility. The success rate for ICSI in the fertility world ranges from 80 to 85%. 

Cost of Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

IUI costs are significantly less expensive than that of other fertility treatments such as IVF. IUI success rates vary depending on the individual medical conditions. Fertility World offers IUI treatment packages as low as Rs.10,000 per single IUI cycle. 

In this IUI treatment method, the sperm is placed directly into the uterus near the egg at the time of ovulation with the help of a device called a catheter. The cost covers the following:

IUI TreatmentIUI Cost INR
Drugs and Medicine4,000 to 5,000
IUI Procedure6000- 8,000
Total Cost of IUI Treatment10, 000

For complete IUI cost, IUI procedures, who should use IUI?, IUI Pre-Testing, Probability of Conception, Success Rate of IUI, and most importantly IUI Vs. IVF treatment continues reading at IUI Cost in Delhi NCR/ IUI treatment in Delhi.


In India, the fertility world is the best-renowned fertility treatment center such as IUI, IVF, IVF with advanced treatments, IVF with Surrogacy, Laparoscopy, Cryopreservation, etc. offering all the available treatments at an affordable cost under its single roof. If You’re infertile couples or infertile parents looking for fertility treatments to experience parenthood in your life. The fertility world with its committed and dedicated professionals together is making your dreams successful. 

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