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IVF Cost in Aizawl Mizoram

For any childless couples, IVF treatment is the best option to conceive again via IVF with self gametes, IVF with Donor Egg, IVF with Donor sperm, IVF with ICSI, IVF with PGD/PGS, IVF with FET, IVF with surgical extraction procedures, based on the fertility conditions. In Aizawl, the fertilityworld is the best IVF center that offers an affordable IVF cost starting from Rs. 1.20 lakhs up to Rs.3.00 lakhs maximum with the highest IVF success rates.

Cost of IVF in Mizoram

Other fertility services available in Aizawl at lower cost:

IVF success rates, Advanced IVF success rate, Aizawl

The fertilityworld best IVF doctors have seen that IVF success rates highly depend upon the age of the women, certain infertility factors borne in both male and female reproductive cells, and the environmental factors: IVF doctors with High Success rate. Today, 1 in every 5 couples suffers from infertility and IVF treatments are rescuing such couples to achieve their parenthood dreams by providing excellent IVF success rates. The pie chart below shows the statistics of IVF success rates at fertilityworld best IVF center in Aizawl, Mizoram:

What are the factors affecting the IVF success rates?

The prime assisted reproductive technology of IVF is to render couples the chance to become pregnant again by using their reproductive gametes i.e. Eggs and Sperm or from gamete donor assistance. However, to achieve higher IVF success rates in such a complicated process, several factors should be put into the following consideration:

  • Age of the women: women between 21 to 35 years old are in the best stage. Beyond 35 years, the reproductivity declines. 
  • The Quality of Egg, Sperm, and Embryo: The quality of oocytes (eggs), sperm cells, and embryos declines due to age, poor ovarian reserve, and weak stimulation response affecting both the egg cells and embryos quality.
  • Previous Pregnancy records: Couples who have had a successful pregnancy in the past foresee a better chance of a successful pregnancy with IVF. But medical records of multiple miscarriages and fertility-related issues are considered IVF success.
  • Patient’s environmental factors (lifestyle): The couple’s way of life is one factor that is important in creating a thriving, healthy environment for an embryo. smoking and drinking alcohol- it has been seen that smoking and drinking alcohol decrease the chances of IVF success. Another lifestyle factor is body mass index (BMI), considered as keeping a healthy weight. It has been shown that obesity would affect how hormones and fertility drugs are processed by the body. 

Who should go for IVF treatments?

The reason behind infertility in couples is contributed by various factors that are not permitting the reproductive parts to function normally. These infertility factors are mentioned below and couples with such conditions should go for IVF treatment:

  • Women with blocked fallopian tube: If a woman has her fallopian tube dysfunction, had a tubal sterilization, or has an issue with getting pregnant. 
  • Women with infertility conditions: The most common causes of infertility in women is because of the disorder known as PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)- PCOS diet & Pregnancy, and endometriosis.
  • Women having abnormal ovulation: IVF helps women to have regular ovulation by fixing their irregular menstruation cycles.
  • Uterine fibroids: They are common in women in their 30s and 40s. Fibroids can interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg.
  • Men affected by infertility disorder: Men with low sperm count, sperm dysfunction, abnormal sperm morphology, or Impaired sperm production or function are resolved via IVF along with ICSI procedures. 
  • Fertility preservation for cancer or other health conditions.
  • Couples with unexplained infertility: Unexplained infertility means no cause of infertility has been found despite evaluation for common causes.
  • Couples with unexplained infertility 

What is the cost of IVF in Aizawl, Mizoram?

IVF is an amazing infertility treatment that delivers healthy children to those childless couples longing to experience parenthood. To give life is an unimaginable gift one could ever have and IVF treatment is fulfilling it. So, the cost of IVF can be invasive but it is worth investing in. In Aizawl, the fertilityworld is providing IVF treatment at a reasonable cost to other centers, the cost includes the prescribed medicines and drugs. See the table below to know the fixed cost of IVF at the fertilityworld best IVF center in Aizawl, Mizoram:

Type of IVF TreatmentFixed cost of IVF in Rupees
Basic IVF treatment (self egg)1.20 to 1.80 lakhs
IVF treatment per cycle1 to 2 lakhs
IVF with Self Egg (Single Cycle) 1.20 to 1.70 lakhs
IVF with Donor Egg (Single Cycle) 2.20 to 3 lakhs
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)5,000 to 10,000
IVF with ICSI1.40 to 1.70 lakhs
IVF with PICSI1.80 to 2.0 lakhs
Donor EggUp to 30,000
IVF with Donor Egg2.20 to 3.0 lakhs
IVF with Donor sperm20,000 to 2.00 lakhs
TESA procedureUp to 50,000
IVF with PESA, TESA & TESE2.40 to 5.0 lakhs
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)30,000 to 40,000
IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching1.20 to 1.50 lakhs
PGD/PGS45,000 to 70,000
IVF with PGD/PGS technique2.50 to 3.0 lakhs
IVF with Embryo Donation0.40 to 2.40 lakhs
IVF with Surrogacy3.50 to 5.50 lakhs

Let’s discuss the cost of IVF in detail at Aizawl, Mizoram 

You can find different types of IVF treatment costs in Aizawl that are collaborated to match the infertility conditions requirements borne in couples. You can find different IVF hospitals and clinics that are offering different forms of IVF costs. But the fertilityworld offers tailored procedures with no compromise on its overall satisfaction along with different advanced fertility services. To understand your infertility conditions and the cost that can be invested in treating your infertility issues continue reading below. couples can select from the three best IVF programs:

  • Basic IVF treatment cost, 
  • The advanced IVF costing and 
  • The additional IVF treatment cost.

What is the basic cost of IVF treatments in Aizawl, Mizoram?

The basic cost of IVF treatments involves only a single round of IVF cycles excluding any additional infertility treatments. The fertilityworld provides this package at the lowest cost starting from Rs. 1.20 lakhs up to Rs.1.80 lakhs only. This package is higher in different IVF centers except for the fertilityworld. 

Remember, this basic IVF treatment plan only uses the eggs and sperm of the couple. If the infertility conditions require the help of donor sperm, donor eggs, or both, an additional cost for the Donors will be included. The best option you can have is to consult our fertility specialist and they will guide you to select the best plan that suits your infertility conditions. To understand the detailed process of IVF treatments, please visit and read it: IVF Process Step By Step.

What is the cost of advanced IVF Treatment in Aizawl, Mizoram?

This advanced IVF treatment includes only the use of Donor assistance which is:

  • Donor cycle IVF: IVF with donor sperm, IVF with donor eggs, or IVF with both the donors.

Those infertile couples whose reproductive cells are not compatible to fertilize each other’s gametes should go for this advanced IVF treatment plan. The process involved in this advanced IVF treatment is quite similar to basic IVF treatments except for retrieving/collecting the gametes from the donors. At fertilityworld in Aizawl, the cost of IVF with donor eggs starts from Rs.2.20 lakhs and up to Rs.3.00 lakhs maximum which includes the cost of a Donor egg is Rs.30,000. And the cost of IVF with donor sperm starts from Rs. 1.50 lakhs to Rs. 2.00 lakhs including the cost of donor sperm which is Rs. 20,000 only.

What is the cost of additional IVF Treatment in Aizawl, Mizoram?

When the IVF treatments seem to fail, additional treatment is required to make them successful. These treatments not only make the IVF process easy and successful, but it increases the success rate of pregnancy for couples. It is because additional fertility treatments are tailored according to the unique requirements of the couple. These additional treatments are TESA, Tube reversal, freezing of embryos, and Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS).

What is the cost of TESA in Aizawl, Meghalaya?

Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA)  is the newest sperm retrieval technique, a surgical sperm extraction procedure. TESA is used when the male is not able to produce enough sperm in conventional methods due to azoospermia. The fertilityworld provides TESA procedure at the cost of Rs.50,000 only in Aizawl, Mizoram.

What is the cost of PGD/PGS in Aizawl, Meghalaya?

The PGS or PGD is a laboratory procedure that is performed before transferring the embryos into the uterus (womb). PGD/PGS recognizes any genetic disorder present in the embryo, and our specialist selects the embryo that is free from this disease and reimplanted into the uterus. Many couples have inherited such genetic disorders from their parents, so they are recommended by the IVF specialist to go for this treatment to avoid this risk inherited in their child. The fertilityworld provides this treatment at the cost of Rs.45,000 and up to Rs. 70,000 in Aizawl Meghalaya.

What is the cost of Donor Sperm in Aizawl, Mizoram?

The fertilityworld has been running the semen cryopreservation services which is the most recommended for its healthy sperm at the lowest cost starting from Rs. 20,000 only in Aizawl, Mizoram.

Who should use donor sperm? 

Donor sperm is recommended for those male having the following infertility problems:

Donor sperm is also used by single mothers and lesbian couples.

What is the cost of Donor Egg in Aizawl, Meghalaya?

In the IVF treatment, healthy eggs are a vital component of achieving fertilization and conception. If the female egg is not compatible to get fertilized, or if she is not ready to provide them due to various health conditions, then the donor egg is the best option for successful IVF treatment. The fertilitworld has excellent Egg Donor Bank facilities provided to those couples at an affordable cost starting from Rs. 30,000 only in Aizawl, Mizoram. 

Cost of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in Aizawl

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an assisted technique of conception for those male sperms unable to ascend/ejaculate into the female reproductive tract. IUI is a cost-effective and noninvasive first-line therapy for selected patients with functionally normal tubes, and infertility due to a cervical factor, anovulation, moderate male factor, unexplained factors, immunological factor, and ejaculatory disorders with low clinical pregnancy rates. At fertilityworld in Aizawl, couples can receive IUI treatments at the cost of Rs. 10,000 to Rs.15,000. However, the success rates of IUI depend on the conditions. Its success rate is uncertain.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re an infertile couple and willing to get started building up your family via IVF treatment, or You want to find an affordable IVF cost in Aizawl (Meghalaya), Before going through the IVF Treatment process in Aizawl blindly. Then, the fertilityworld is the best IVF center to help and guide you without compromising an affordable IVF cost. 

If you’re confused about the IVF outcomes. You don’t have to worry at all because IVF is the safe and best infertility treatment for couples. This surety is confirmed by our specialists after your complete examination related to infertility and viability. IVF treatment is usually often known as a test-tube baby by the common people. If you are comfortable attempting IVF treatment with the fertilityworld, register with us today. We serve you better.

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What is the average cost of IVF in Mizoram?

Today at fertilityworld clinic the cost of IVF starts with the range of 1.20 lakhs to 2.10 lakhs depending one the types of IVF required i,e self cycle or donor cycle. In donor IVF the cost is little higher it starts from 1.60 lakhs to 3 lakhs.IVF Cost in MizoramIVF in Mizoram cost

What is the Success rate of IVF in Aizawl, Mizoram?

Success rate generally depends on individual’s health report, if a women can produce healthy egg and her uterus lining is good plus man with quality sperm can achieve successful pregnancy in their first attempt. In other case where couples are facing these issues the doctors will prescribe the fertility medicine that will ensure to bring fertility back in body before going for the process.IVF success rate in Aizawl

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