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IVF Cost in Sydney Australia

At fertilityworld IVF Center in Sydney, the IVF patients have received the best IVF treatments at the lowest IVF cost in Sydney starting from 10,000 USD as compared to IVF in India for foreigners at a low IVF Cost of 4,500 USD. The IVF Cost in Sydney is the most affordable and pocket-friendly package offered by the fertilityworld, (India is a optional destination for couples who are looking for affordable ivf treatment). The center provides complete IVF treatments along with all the advanced treatments such as Self IVF, IVF with Donor Egg, IVF with Donor Sperm, IVF with (ICSI, FET, PGD, Surgical sperm extractions).

The fertilityworld IVF center also offers the following at a reasonable cost:

IVF Success Rates in sydney

The fertilityworld held its head high with pride at the IVF success rates achieved by our desperate patients to achieve their parenthood dreams. We’re responsible for more births through IVF treatment than any other fertility center in Sydney, Australia.

The pie chart shows our IVF success rates along with all the advanced treatments:

The IVF success rates shown include embryos where the eggs have been fertilized by IVF and those which have been fertilized by ICSI. No preimplantation genetic testing is carried out on fresh embryo transfers.

IVF Cost in Sydney, Australia

The fertilityworld understands that in some serious fertility conditions, the IVF Cost can be confusing because each patient has individual circumstances and needs advanced and special treatments to achieve parenthood. Therefore, the fertilityworld provides a clear understanding of the cost of IVF in Australia, offering each individual a pocket-friendly package with flexibility.

The table below provides the fixed cost of IVF treatments at the fertilityworld in Sydney:

Fertility TreatmentsCycle paymentEstimated out of pocket costs for an initial cycleEstimated out of pocket costs for a subsequent cycle
IVF cycle$10,000$5,000$4,500
ICSI cycle$10,500$5,500$4,500
Frozen embryo transfer (FET)$3,500$2,200$2,000
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)$2,500$2,000$1,500
Ovulation Induction (OI)$900$500$500

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is one of the most widely known types of assisted reproductive technology (ART) in building the dreams of many desperate infertile parents with a healthy child.  

IVF can be performed with self or donor to achieve successful pregnancy, it all depends on individual medical reports that our IVF specialists will study the case and suggest the best for couples.

Who should go for IVF treatments?

Couples suffering or having any one or more of the conditions mentioned below are eligible to undergo IVF treatments:

  • Women between 21-40 years,
  • Women with poor quality eggs,
  • Women with Endometriosis
  • Low sperm counts in males,
  • Women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes
  • Women with ovulation disorders,
  • Women with PCOS- PCOS diet and pregnancy,
  • Antibody issues that harm the sperm or eggs
  • Male with abnormal sperm morphology (shape, size, motility), 
  • Either, partners with the risk of inherited genetic disease,
  • Couples with unexplained infertility,
  • Recurrent IUI treatment failure,
  • Records of infertility from the specialists,

The fertilityworld offers different types of IVF

  • IVF with self egg and self sperm (Self-cycle IVF): This IVF treatment involves the use of self egg and partner sperm. This treatment is possible only when the egg and the sperm are of good quality in both cases i.e. women between 1 to 1.6ng/mL AMH level & Male with sperm count 15*10(6)/mm in semen can undergo self-cycle IVF.
  • Donor-Cycle IVF: Women between 0.4 to 1ng/mL AMH level should use Donor Eggs as their eggs are not good enough to conceive a pregnancy. Under Donor-Cycle IVF treatments, the eggs are retrieved from a young and healthy Donor of the fertilityworld Egg Donor Bank. The Donor eggs are fused with the prospective husband’s sperm or Donor sperm and achieve fertilization. 

The fertilityworld provides a comprehensive and supportive donor program to assist every infertile couple needing donor eggs, donor sperm, or donor embryos; or a surrogate mother to help them have a baby fulfilling their parenthood. We have a dedicated donor team that provides guidance and supports you throughout the process.

IVF Processes in Sydney, Australia

IVF is a simple process that works by using a combination of medicines and surgical procedures to help sperm fertilize an egg, and help the fertilized egg implant in the female uterus.

The process involves fertility medication that creates several eggs to mature in the ovary. The embryologist then retrieves the eggs from the ovary using special retrieval equipment, the retrieved eggs are then combined with the sperm in a laboratory, to help the sperm fertilize the eggs. The fertilized eggs (embryos) are transferred directly into the uterus. Pregnancy is confirmed if any of the embryos get implanted in the lining of the uterus- IVF Implantation Process.

IVF involves different steps and it takes several months to complete the whole process. IVF sometimes works on the first cycle, but some people need more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant. IVF increases your chances of pregnancy if you’re having fertility problems. For a detailed IVF process please visit- the IVF Process step by step.

Now let’s discuss the cost of IVF in Sydney in detail

The fertilityworld IVF always understands the needs of the patients. Therefore we always explain, as carefully as practical, how any cost involved is calculated. Individual factors that affect every patient’s out of pockets. The best way to understand the detailed cost of information is to arrange a consultation with one of our finance departments by mailing us at

Our role is to give you a thorough understanding of your situation, and to work with you to develop the most suitable treatment plan, your best possible chance of taking home a baby at an affordable IVF Cost in Sydney.

Cost of self-cycle/Basic IVF treatments

The cost of Self-Cycle IVF in Sydney is less than that of Donor-cycle IVF because self-reproductive gametes (egg & sperm) are used. Therefore, fertilityworld put out its best and offers an affordable package of Self-cycle IVF from $10,000.

Cost of Donor-Cycle IVF (Donor Egg)

The cost of Donor-Cycle IVF in Sydney is higher than that of self-cycle IVF because it involves buying the egg and compensating the Donor for its sacrifices of time and body. However, fertilityworld put out its best and offers an affordable package of Donor Eggs at $2,000 + Cost of IVF treatments.

Cost of IVF with Donor Sperm 

The cost of Donor-Sperm IVF in Sydney is less than that of Donor IVF and it involves buying the sperm and compensating the Donor for its sacrifices of time and Donation. The fertilityworld put out its best and offers an affordable package of Donor Sperm at $1,000+ Cost of IVF treatments.

Cost of IVF with ICSI in Sydney

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an artificial insemination technique that involves a single sperm being injected directly into the middle of the egg and it goes along with the IVF treatments. ICSI proceeds either with the fresh sperm or thawed frozen sperm (preserved). 

ICSI+IVF cycle is the best option in obtaining higher success rates for the male having the following fertility conditions- Low sperm count or poor sperm motility, Oligospermia, Hyperspermia, the mixture of abnormal sperms or few healthy sperm, Sperm extracted through testicular biopsy or micro TESE, and sperm with Low fertilization rates.

The fertilityworld offers the cost of ICSI at the lowest cost in Sydney starting from $10,500. Boost your knowledge in ICSI Vs. IVF treatments are the best option for you. Also, read the failure behind IVF treatment- what are the reasons for IVF failure.

Cost of frozen embryo transfer (FET) in Sydney

FET is a process whereby an extra frozen embryo (preserved) from a previous fresh IVF cycle is thawed and transferred back into a woman’s uterus(womb). Embryo freezing provides more opportunities for a pregnancy for each hormone stimulation cycle and egg collection. If you do not become pregnant from the first transfer from that cycle, we can transfer a frozen embryo during a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

FET cycles save more time as you don’t have to undergo IVF again from stimulation to embryo development. The fertilityworld offers an affordable FET with IVF starting from $3,500 + IVF Cost.

Who can use the FET cycle?

Couples can always go for FET if you have:

  • Certain health conditions,  
  • Pertinent circumstances, lifestyle considerations.
  • You have extra embryos left in the previous IVF cycle.
  • If you want another child to be added to life.
  • If you’re using genetic screening
  • High Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  • Canceled fresh embryo transferred.

Cost of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is also known as artificial insemination (AI). IUI simply involves placing the sperm into the female uterus(womb) to get pregnant. The partner’s sperm is primarily prepared by washing and then the concentrated sperm, the most motile and healthiest sperm, is isolated and inseminated into the uterus to fertilize the eggs. IUI treatments are less expensive than IVF or ICSI and can significantly reduce the overall cost of fertility treatment for many couples. In Sydney, we offer the cost of IUI starting from $2,500.

What are the reasons to undergo IUI treatments?

Many infertile couples undergo IUI treatments based on previous medical reports of having the following infertility problems, IUI is used when men have the following infertility factors:

  • Having poor cervical mucus
  • Absence of the male partner
  • Lesbians- use donor sperm
  • Single woman trying to conceive
  • Male with reduced sperm quality
  • Male having a low sperm count
  • Male with azoospermia 
  • Risk of passing a genetic disease on your future child.
  • Unexplained infertility: Failing to get pregnant

Read more about what are the signs of male infertility and how to improve them?.

India as an IVF Destinations for Sydney couples

The fertilityworld has created the best platforms for Sydney infertile couples to receive IVF treatments in India. The Center has had its root IVF center in India for over decades and has been credited as the best IVF center in India. 

The center warmly greets and welcomes all infertile couples from Sydney, wishing to undergo IVF treatments in India. It offers the lowest possible, affordable IVF cost from 4,500 USD (for self-cycle IVF) and up to 6,000 USD (for Donor-Cycle IVF) and all other fertility treatments at a lower cost (IUI, ICSI, TESE/TESA/PESA/MESA, laparoscopy, male and female fertility treatments) as mentioned.   

An inclusive IVF package covers the following expenditures of infertile couples:

  • Visa Invitation,
  • Travel assistance (flight) via our travel consultant,
  • Airport pick-up and Drop-off,
  • Arrangement of apartment, hotel, or homestays,
  • All IVF medications,
  • Entire IVF processes- ovarian stimulation, ultrasound examinations, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, and pregnancy tests.

Final Decision:

If you’re a desperate infertile couple looking for IVF treatments in Sydney or India. The fertilityworld is the best IVF Center in Sydney as well as in India for you to choose from. 

To know detailed information relating to IVF treatments, Donor assistance (egg/sperm), surrogate mother arrangements, and any other fertility treatments or services information in Sydney or India please write to us at We provide free consultations.

For a detailed discussion about the IVF Cost, Donor Cost, compensation, any fertility-related treatment cost, or discount please write to us at We provide free consultations.

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