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Best surrogacy clinic in Mizoram

The ferilityworld is rated as the Best surrogacy clinic in Mizoram, for the clinic strictly follows the new surrogacy legal procedures laid down by the supreme court in January 2022 that state to provide only altruistic surrogacy. The clinic has the best surrogacy lawyers that execute legal procedures and the best Doctors making all hopeful intended parents achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Surrogacy in Mizoram

Surrogacy Success rates in Mizoram

Look at the pie chart below, it depicts the surrogacy success rates in Mizoram:

Surrogacy success rate in Mizoram

The surrogacy success rates always depend on individual infertility factors such as advancing age, duration of infertility, individual medical conditions, and the type of instruments used. All intended parents achieve success rates up to 99% using donor eggs, 100% using donor embryos, 80% using donor sperm, and 70% using self gametes. However, some will achieve it in a single cycle while some will achieve it after the 2nd or 3rd cycle.

What is the New Surrogacy law from January 2022? 

New Surrogacy Law from January 2022

The supreme court of India has enforced a New Surrogacy Law from January 2022, stating that only altruistic surrogacy should be provided to all intending parents: The new surrogacy law provisions are:

  • Surrogacy must be solely for intended parenthood and not commercial purposes such as for sale, prostitution, or any other forms of exploitation.
  • The surrogate should be from the Intended family members, relatives, friends, etc.
  • The Surrogate must carry the pregnancy for the intended parents and hand over the baby right after the birth.
  • Surrogate medical expenses & insurance during pregnancy must be paid.
  • The child born is deemed as the biological child of the intending couple. 
  • The surrogate mother must allow for abortion during the process of surrogacy under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.

Now let’s discuss “What is surrogacy?” in detail:

What is Surrogacy

What is Surrogacy? Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction techniques (ART) where hopeful intended parents work with their surrogate mother who will carry (pregnancy) and care for their baby(ies) until birth. Intended parents use surrogacy to start or grow their families when they can’t do so on their own. Those who explore surrogacy to have a child are often referred to as Intended Parents.

Now let us see the complete Surrogacy process in Mizoram, India.

Surrogacy is a process that requires medical, hormones and fertility drugs, and legal expertise, as well as a strong support process throughout the journey and fulfilling the dreams of growing a family. Here we have discussed the Complete Surrogacy process in India and Mizoram below:

  1. Booking an appointment via WhatsApp, Email, or Video calls and audio calls. Our coordinators will schedule your direct free consultations with the best Surrogacy Doctors.
  2. Consultations: Our best surrogacy Doctors will dig into every detail about the infertility of the Intended parents and also answer all your queries free of cost.
  3. Contract Agreement: Under the best legal surrogacy lawyer, a contract agreement is signed among all involving parties and gets approval from the supreme court via lawyers.
  4. Complete screening, examination, and matching are done to inculcate between the surrogate and the intended parents.
  5. If self-surrogacy then the Intended parent’s gametes are used in the IVF process, or if Donor egg then egg Donor.
  6. IVF Process step by step: Stimulation, Egg retrieval, Fertilization, Embryo Implantation into the surrogate uterus.
  7. Pregnancy: Confirmation of pregnancy is carried out via repeat blood tests, ultrasounds, etc.
  8. Delivery of the baby(ies): The child is handed over to the intended parents under the parentage order in the contract agreement signed.

The first step is registration or appointment to reach the fertilityworld. The second step provides free consultation to the intended parents. We’d love to hear your story and your intention for surrogacy. After that our team works to demystify how surrogacy works and walk you through the details of the fertilityworld surrogacy process.

All prospective married parents begin with a consultation that lasts approximately 2-3 hours. This complimentary consultation allows you to share your story and what brought you to surrogacy, and to get a better understanding of how surrogacy works, and the surrogacy process at fertilityworld in Mizoram. Before the consultation, you’ll have a complete questionnaire that will assist us in tailoring information to meet your specific needs. 

During these consultations, you’ll meet with the fertilityworld processing consultant and an attorney to review the programs and options, including the detailed process of matching with an egg donor and/or a surrogate, legal implications, insurance details, surrogacy costs, and basic medical information. Our surrogacy process and procedures are designed to make sure that every intended parent gets matched with a surrogate from a state where they can obtain whatever is necessary for their safe return.

Eligibility criteria of surrogate mother 

The intended parent’s surrogate mother should satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

  • She is a close relative, family member, and friend of the intending couple.
  • She is free from drug abuse and has no alcoholism.
  • She is a married woman having a child of her own; 
  • She is between 25 to 35 years old; 
  • She has been a surrogate only once in her lifetime.
  • She must possess a certificate of medical and psychological fitness for surrogacy.  
  • She needs to live in a safe and supportive environment as established by a home study.
  • She is strongly supported by her husband, and family.
  • Further, she cannot provide her gametes for surrogacy.
  • See the Surrogate mother’s home in India.

Who should go for surrogacy?

Any married couples who are unable to get pregnant, or cannot deliver a child in natural form after trying regular unprotected sex for 1 to 2 years should go for surrogacy programs. If you encounter any of the following points provided below, you need surrogacy to make your parenthood successful

  • Couples with any proven infertility from the specialists.
  • Couples are deemed for family building only and not for commercial purposes.
  • Couples suffering from any risk of medical condition or disease specified through regulations.
  • Couples with miscarriages.
  • Couples with multiple IVF-cycle failures.

Ways to achieve parenthood via the Surrogacy program

All intended parents have different fertility conditions, medical conditions, risk factors, genetic problems, and lifestyles. Everyone does not receive parenthood in one form of surrogacy. To provide parenthood in all fertility conditions, surrogacy has a few forms of the journey to solve any of the infertility factors, they are:

  • Guaranteed surrogacy: Donor Egg + partner sperm.
  • Assured Surrogacy: Donor sperm + Self egg
  • Surrogacy with Donor Embryo: Donor egg + Donor sperm=Embryo.
  • Self-cycle surrogacy: Self egg + self sperm.

Let’s discuss the Guaranteed Surrogacy in India, Mizoram

Guaranteed surrogacy in India is the best program for any intended parents to achieve parenthood as it produces 99% success rates, and the child shares the genetic relationship with the intended parents (intended father genes+Egg Donor Genes). This Guaranteed program is the best option for those Intended Parents:

  • Who has experienced years of emotional tension and uncertainty? 
  • Women who are unable to conceive using their eggs. 
  • Women who have experienced early menopause, have a significant decrease in ovarian reserve.
  • Parents who have had several unsuccessful IVF attempts using their eggs are good candidates for guaranteed surrogacy programs.

Guaranteed surrogacy terms and Conditions:

  • Male normal sperm count: 60 million/ml & above
  • Male normal motility rate: above 40%
  • Male Normal Morphology of sperm: Oval head with Longtail
  • Female AMH level: between 1-1.5 ng/ml
  • Female with good follicle count in Ovaries.

Arrangements of Donor Eggs in Mizoram

The fertilityworld chief embryologist runs an extensive selection process to locate a suitable donor of the intended parent’s preferences via Egg Donation in India | Donor Egg Bank by strictly following the legal procedures. Most donors will need to be on medication before the procedure can begin.

  • The donor is given some fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries and encourage multiple eggs to be produced at once. Hyperstimulation is a term that describes this process. 

Mild side effects may occur in some donors such as bruising at injection sites, mood swings, and breast tenderness. A donor will undergo frequent blood tests throughout the donation process, and ultrasound examinations to monitor the donor’s reactions to medications.

  • During the extraction, a donor is given a final injection shortly before the egg retrieval. Embryologists perform a transvaginal aspiration to remove eggs from the ovaries. Then they placed an ultrasound probe into the vagina and with the help of a needle eggs from each follicle are extracted. The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • After donation, the donor resumes their normal activities the following day. While some programs offer aftercare for donors, others don’t. Some donors find it helpful to consult a counselor after donating eggs.

Assured Surrogacy program in Mizoram

Some intended male partner sperm can be infertile, while the female partner can be fertile. In such cases, male infertility can be diagnosed using semen analysis testing and treated if treatable. If it is diagnosed with Low sperm count or no sperm at all, weak motility, and poor morphology, or if he has the risk of genetic disease preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is done.

However, the intended couple’s best option is undergoing surrogacy using donor sperm fertilized with the female partner’s egg and implanted into the surrogate uterus known as assured surrogacy. This program can produce up to an 80% success rate and the child born will share the genetic relationship of the mother and the Donor but the child will be legally handed over to the intended parents according to the contract agreement and there is no claiming of the parentage by the donor.

Arrangement of Donor sperms in Mizoram

The fertilityworld welcomes sperm donors from the intended parents’ family, relatives, and friends circle for assured surrogacy. But many parents find it difficult to arrange their Donor sperm as it is time-consuming and financial draining. Therefore, the fertilityworld provides them the healthiest Sperm either fresh or sperm from semen freezing or semen cryopreservation at a lower cost in Mizoram. Both cases provide the same success rates as our cryopreservation technique is highly advanced and is viable for up to 10 years of preservation of the single sperm. We provide our donor profiles to intended parents so that they can select their sperm donor based on their freedom of choice, our donor profiles include:

  • Height, weight, color
  • Nationality
  • Hobbies
  • Educational background
  • Sperm quality
  • Health history
  • Anonymity/Openness

Preparation of Donor at fertilityworld donor bank in Mizoram

The fertilityworld provides a thorough screening process to reduce the chance of congenital anomalies or other complications before accepting their Donations.

  • Complete screening of the donors (Egg/Sperm) 
    • Physical examination
    • Blood tests
    • Drug tests
    • Ultrasound to check the reproductive organs
  • To find out the donor and family’s medical and psychological histories
    • Screening for infectious diseases
    • Screening for inherited diseases
    • Psychological screening

The donor and the recipient share a special moment when they donate gametes. Our reputable gamete donation programs require that all participants are compulsory to undergo psychological screening. Assessing the donor’s mental health is essential to ensure the health and well-being of the children who receive the transplant.

Self-Cycle Surrogacy in Meghalaya

Self-Cycle surrogacy is undergoing a surrogacy journey using its gametes i.e. self egg and self sperm. This program is carried out in Intended parents when their reproductive cells are viable that is reproductivity is good but they cannot get pregnant, or they have certain risk factors, in such cases, their gametes are fertilized outside via IVF and then implanted into the surrogate uterus that carries the pregnancy for them.

Sometimes, this option doesn’t favor all of the intended parents because it depends on the individual conditions and the fertility treatment’s responses. See here why the couple cannot conceive when their gametes are viable:

  • The absence of uterus- genetically or surgically removed due to medical conditions, 
  • Female with Blocked fallopian tubes, but have healthy eggs.
  • Has a defective uterus (septum, bicornuate, arcuate, or due to infection like Tuberculosis).
  • Male have low sperm count and weak motility but are viable.

Surrogacy with Donor Embryo in Meghalaya

It is equal for all married couples to have a child of their own but sometimes fertility does not favor them either with self-cycle, or Donor assistance. In such cases, embryo donation (fertilization of donor eggs and donor sperm via IVF and preserved for future use, or to help intended parents by donating) is an exciting new option that is being made available in modern infertility treatments for such couples.

Oocyte or embryo donation from young individuals is an established standard and effective treatment for age-related infertility because the pregnancy rates with such methods are significantly higher than those obtained with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation or IVF in women of advanced reproductive age Surrogacy with embryo donation is strongly recommended in the case of both partners dealing with serious infertility or other health conditions. 

  • A couple who cannot conceive through IVF technology using their egg and sperm, Donor sperm, and donor egg.
  • Men with absolutely no sperm or azoospermia, testicular cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, etc.
  • Females with poor egg quality, advanced reproductive age, or premature menopause, can opt for a donor embryo that is fertilized with the use of donor sperm or donor eggs.
  • The fertilityworld in Mizoram will arrange everything for the intended parents hoping to undergo surrogacy with Embryo Donation. Contact the fertilityworld for more information.

Are you married and not getting pregnant?

If you are married for years but have not gotten pregnant after having regular unprotected sex and have tried various fertility medications and treatments such as IUI, IVF, medications, fertility drugs, etc. Then Surrogacy is the best option to approach but foremost is to get the best consultation from the top specialists to know your infertility conditions. 

The fertilityworld top infertility specialists provide direct free consultations to any individuals in Mizoram, who are willing to know more about their infertility issues and willing to make changes in their family building. Contact the fertilityworld today.

The fertility treatment’s success rates also depend on the infertility duration; the more advanced age is directly proportional to the decline of reproductivity.

Fertilityworld is available in all districts of Mizoram

You can find the fertilityworld best surrogacy clinic in all the districts of Mizoram, they are:

  • Aizawl
  • Lunglei
  • Siaha
  • Champhai
  • Kolasib
  • Serchhip
  • Mamit
  • Lawngtlai
  • Hnahthial and
  • Khawzawl
  • Saitual

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To directly discuss the cost of any fertility treatments such as Guaranteed surrogacy, Assured Surrogacy, Self-cycle surrogacy, cost of IVF with self gametes, cost of IVF with donor gametes, cost of ICSI treatments, cost of PGD/PGS, cost of Donor sperms, cost of Donor Eggs, Cost of the surrogate mother compensation, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount in Mizoram please write to us at We provide free consultations.


Surrogacy in India Cost?

Surrogacy with self cycle cost 15 to 17 lakhs whereas using donor costs 16 to 20 lakhs depending on individual medical report. Fertilityworld clinic is making parenthood possible for the people of Mizoram and entire North-East since many years. Contact us for any query, we provide free first consultation.

Is Surrogacy Legal in India?

After enforcement of New law jan 2022, only altruistic surrogacy is legal where you need approval from court that you are infertile and surrogacy is the only option to be parent. For all the legal process we have our lawyer who make things easy for intended parents. Get in touch with us!

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