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With our best surrogacy center in Hyderabad provides high success in infertility service, you do not need to worry about your surrogacy journey, our dedicated “Fertility World Surrogacy” staff will help every step along the way. If are you planning your surrogacy but lack the understanding of the country’s legal framework, our legal team specialized in surrogacy will be ready to lead you throughout the journey to financial and emotional freedom. With a decade-long experience of assisting intended parents to fulfill the joy of parenthood through our surrogacy programs, our service was second to none. It profoundly matters to us that we offer the ideal support through which the intricate decisions of surrogacy may be managed legally, equitably, and with clear responsibility.

We work with acclaimed fertility clinics, IVF centers, attorneys, facilitating us to cater to the service and care to our planned parents, surrogates, and egg donors. To help our customers gain an understanding of the surrogacy procedure, we also offer a complimentary consultation as the initial step towards surrogacy therapy.  Our strategy includes just one motive; to guarantee that all the parties involved possess the skilled and emotional support to experience a stress-less surrogacy journey

We have decades of experience and collaborations from Georgia, the USA, Ukraine, Ethiopia, a wide array of countries to select from depending on your personal preferences and sexual orientation. The main reason for such choice is we meet our intended parents with rightful surrogates that are screened and apt according to the preferences of our clients because we strongly believe that surrogate and planned parent bonding is likely to produce the surrogacy process easier and simplified.

Why Surrogacy?

For couples who want a child but are unable to give birth, surrogacy is a very viable choice. As opposed to adopting a kid who has no blood relation to you and your partner, with gestational surrogacy your sperm is commingled, through in-vitro fertilization, making an embryo that will become a child that’s genetically yours. Another girl carries and gives birth to the kid for you. Same-sex couples also select the best surrogacy center in Hyderabad to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. They utilize Egg donors and surrogates to complete their urge to parenthood.


Surrogacy is an agreement where a woman chooses to become pregnant via an embryo transfer and carry the consequent pregnancy for intended parents. It is suggested that professionals be involved to guide both parties throughout the medical, legal, and emotional processes. There are a couple of different kinds of surrogacy: gestational,  altruistic, and independent or agency-assisted.

What is the expected cost of an inclusive surrogacy package?

The comprehensive surrogacy price in Hyderabad is INR 12-15 lakh. This bundle covers every step of this process for an illustration consultation fee, price of IVF process and related medical therapy, Legal fees, surrogate fees, healthcare, etc… Everything is included in an arrangement that’s signed prior to starting the surrogacy process in

such a way that could not produce any kind of legal issues between a surrogate and the biological parents following the arrival of their newborn. The sum that needs to be covered by the intended couple includes costs of nourishing meals, medicines, and lodging for your surrogate to provide a well-conditioned infant. Aside from that, a confident sum is paid to the surrogate as a token of appreciation for going through the physiological changes during the maternity period and also for giving birth to the child of couples.


A contract needs to be made involving the Intended parents, the surrogate, and her husband signed by all. The arrangement makes clear that the baby born through surrogacy will be the legitimate child of the Intended Parents. In places where surrogacy is legal, there is a great variation in the legal panorama and hence the need for the contract to safeguard the interests of all parties involved. Countries that are surrogacy favorable and have legal laws are the United States, Ukraine, Georgia, and India (for Indians only). The United States does permit surrogacy for same-sex singles and couples too. Ukraine, Georgia, and India are strictly only for married heterosexual couples.


Surrogates come from many different backgrounds, but they have one important thing in common — the desire to help people in a remarkably unique and significant way. There are plenty of misconceptions about the women who become surrogates, but, in the end, they’re just women who can help construct a family.A common requirement for surrogates is they have already completed their very own household, so they are usually increasing children of their own and are typically married.

 Fertility World Surrogacy has numerous treatment options to help nearly everyone build the family of their dreams.

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