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IVF Cost in Dispur Assam

The fertilityworld offers an affordable IVF cost in Dispur (Assam) starting from Rs. 1.20 and up to Rs. 2.20 lakhs for a single IVF cycle depending on self or using donor. IVF is affordable today and it involves several procedures that include ovulation induction, egg retrieval, sperm retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer.  It covers complete IVF pregnancy or test-tube babies with healthy live births. 

The fertilityworld provides a complete IVF package along with advanced treatments such as ICSI, IMSI, IUI, FET, Surgical Procedures, Laser-assisted hatching, PGD/PGS, surrogacy, and semen analysis test e.t.c. at an affordable IVF Cost in Dispur (Assam).

IVF Success rates in Dispur, Assam

The IVF success rates in Dispur (Assam) using Donor eggs are unexpectedly higher than IVF with self eggs. The ferilityworld in India is the best IVF center because of its highest IVF production success rates. Please visit here and understand our IVF doctors with a High Success rate, at the Best ivf center in India.

  • The success rate for women between 21 to 35 is 95% using Donor eggs.
  • The success rate for women between 35 to 42 years is 70% using the donor eggs. 
  • The success rate for women beyond 45 years is 35% using self eggs.
  • The success rate for fresh embryo transfer is 98%.
  • Success rates for thawed embryo transfer are 75%.

The pie chart shows the IVF success rates in Dispur (Assam) with advanced treatments at the fertilityworld:

To Know IVF success rates in Pan India, Visit here; IVF success rate in India.

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Dispur (Assam)

The cost of IVF treatments in Dispur (Assam) varies from clinic to clinic, standards of the equipment, and depending on the center and the patient’s individual medication needs. Medications can account for up to 35% of those charges. At best, this price tag is daunting. For many people, it sounds entirely out of reach, especially considering that most patients go through several cycles of IVF before conceiving or attempting other options.

But there are ways to at least reduce the out-of-pocket costs of IVF. Your insurance may cover some of the procedures or medications involved in a cycle, and there are also grants, discount programs, and clinical studies that help qualified patients pay for all or part of the process. Low-dose IVF, sometimes called mini IVF, is a less expensive option to explore as well, though it’s not right for everyone. More about IVF cost Pan India: IVF Cost in India.

The table provides the fixed IVF cost in Dispur(Assam):

Type of IVF TreatmentThe average cost of IVF in Rupees
Basic IVF treatment (self egg)1.20 to 1.60 lakhs
IVF treatment per cycle1 to 2 lakhs
IVF with Self Egg (Single Cycle) 1.20 to 2.20 lakhs
IVF with Donor Egg (Single Cycle) 1.50 to 2.20 lakhs
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)5,000 to 10,000
IVF with ICSI1.20 to 1.80 lakhs
IVF with PICSI1.80 to 2.0 lakhs
IVF with Donor Egg2.25 to 3.0 lakhs
IVF with Donor spermUp to 2.00 lakhs
IVF with PESA, TESA & TESE2.40 to 5.0 lakhs
IVF with Laser Assisted Hatching2.00 to 2.20 lakhs
IVF with PGD/PGS technique2.70 to 3.0 lakhs
IVF with Embryo Donation0.40 to 2.40 lakhs
IVF with Surrogacy3.50 to 5.50 lakhs

What are the factors affecting the IVF Cost?

IVF is a simple procedure but to achieve success, financial investment is required. However, before successful IVF, some couples have to undergo some financial crisis and achieve Successful IVF. These are the factors affecting the IVF Cost for some unfortunate infertile couples:

  • Your previous health conditions,
  • Your infertility period and type of infertility,
  • Requirement of other advanced treatments,
  • The cost can fluctuate based on your location,

Affordable infertility treatments are available in Dispur (Assam)

Now let’s discuss the cost of IVF in detail:

IUI Treatment cost in Dispur (Assam)

Most infertile couples are recommended to undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment before trying any other fertility treatments. This IUI is the most affordable and simplest procedure among other fertility treatments i.e. IUI is less invasive and can be performed in a very short time. It is painless and does not require anesthesia. The fertilityworld offers an IUI treatment cost starting from Rs. 5,000 up to Rs. 10,000. However, if the couple needs Donor sperm, then the cost can rise to Rs.15,000.

Cost of IVF in Dispur (Assam)

Many clinics will ask you a huge amount to benefit from IVF in Dispur (Assam). However, some clinics like the fertilityworld provide a budget-friendly IVF treatment in hope of meeting the financial aspects of every couple with us. We offer IVF costs starting from Rs. 90,000. and up to Rs. 2.50 lakhs maximum in Dispur (Assam). You can also read and understand IVF Costs in India, How much does IVF cost in India.

The IVF cost varies based on the fertility conditions, and type of infertility issues. The couples will be suggested the best options by the specialists after a thorough examination, or from the previous infertility reports. Do you know: What are the reason for IVF Failure? Read it and understand the failure of IVF behind it.

Three Types of IVF treatments packages:

At fertilityworld in Dispur (Assam), you can find three types of IVF packages, they are:

  • Basic IVF treatment 
  • Advanced IVF treatment
  • Additional IVF treatments

Basic IVF Treatments

Basic IVF treatments include couples seeking only a single IVF cycle. It does not include any extra charges, no additional cost. The fertilityworld offers this nominal IVF treatment starting from Rs.1,20,000 and up to Rs. 2 lakhs. Under this program Donor Egg and Donor, sperm is not used, only self gametes and a single cycle.

Advanced IVF treatments

Under these treatments, it involves the use of Donor Assistance, ICSI, This package requirement is based on the needs of the couple’s fertility conditions demand and the advice from the specialists. This program can be availed by couples starting from Rs.1.20 lakhs and up to Rs.3 lakhs.

Additional IVF Package

FET, Surgical (TESA), Laser-assisted hatching, PGD, PGS, etc. are included in this category. These additional treatments make the process easy and increase the success rates, meeting the couple’s unique fertility conditions. These packages are discussed below.

Cost of IVF with Donor Egg in Dispur (Assam)

Only healthy eggs are viable to achieve the fertilization process. Therefore, women who are unable to provide healthy eggs, go for IVF with Donor Eggs from Donor Egg Bank. The cost of IVF with Donor Egg is up to Rs. 3 lakhs which includes the donor cost, retrieval processes, and IVF. To know how IVF treatment is performed, please visit and read here- IVF process step by step

Cost of IVF with Donor Sperm in Dispur (Assam)

Male infertility may be treated via various methods of treatments such as semen analysis tests, surgical sperm extractions (TESE, TESA, PESA), etc. Know; What are the signs of Infertility in Males. Only healthy sperm can fertilize female eggs. Therefore, those males whose abnormal sperms are not treatable. Couples use donor sperm with partner eggs in IVF treatments. For IVF with Donor sperm, the couple has to pay about Rs. 2.0 lakhs in Dispur (Assam).

Cost of ICSI treatment in Dispur (Assam)

ICSI which is extended as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is one of the most performed and demanded infertility treatments by couples. Because it involves a single sperm directly injected into the middle of the egg and observed in the laboratory for the fertilization to occur. ICSI shows higher success rates than any other treatment. ICSI is a treatment that goes very well with IVF which is considered the most crucial process in IVF with advanced treatments. The cost of ICSI with IVF treatments starts from Rs.1.20 lakhs to Rs.1.50 lakhs. If Donor sperm is used then the cost can rise to Rs.1.80 lakhs.

Cost of PGD/PGS in Dispur (Assam)

The PGD/PGS can be conducted on the frozen embryos in the fertility laboratory, before transferring them from the in vitro. This treatment helps the couples to produce healthy babies without any genetic disorders. Those couples who have the risk of genetic disease undergo this program at fertilityworld. PGD/PGS can be availed at the cost of Rs.1.50 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs.

Cost of Embryo freezing in Dispur (Assam)

In today’s generation, time is very limited for couples because of their career and also the wishes to enjoy themselves when they are young. Also, at the same time, they wish to secure their family building in the future, couples who have to undergo cancer treatment, or couples left with unused extra embryos left. Embryo freezing is the best option to accomplish your parenthood in the future.

Embryo (egg+sperm fertilized) can be frozen for long periods of up to 10 years and can be used when you are ready to receive them in your uterus and get pregnant. The cost of embryo freezing is paid per annum or month. The cost of Embryo Freezing can cost up to Rs.1.50 lakhs in Dispur (Assam) at the fertilityworld. You can use them whenever you need them.

Cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) in Dispur (Assam)

The cost of frozen embryo transfer in Dispur (Assam) starts from Rs. 30,000 and up to Rs. 50,000 in the fertilityworld. FET involves transferring the frozen embryo of the couples who have frozen their embryo, or those couples who need a donor embryo. The embryo is well prepared by the embryologist and implanted into the uterus of the prospective mother. Frozen embryo transfer exhibits a higher success rate than fresh embryo transfer.

Cost of Laser-Assisted Hatching in Dispur (Assam)

Laser-assisted hatching is one of the most successful and the best-advanced treatments that go 100% with IVF treatments. Today, most couples and specialists are advanced in using this method to fertilize an egg/hatch an egg. This method is more successful than the traditional methods of hatching. The fertilityworld specialists are offering laser-assisted hatching at just Rs.1.30 lakhs in Dispur (Assam). This cost along with IVF treatments can cost you up to Rs.2.20 lakhs maximum and no extra cost.

Cost of Surrogacy treatment in Dispur (Assam)

Surrogacy is the only option when the couples face the following problems:

  • Fails in any other fertility (IUI, IVF, ICSI, PICSI, etc).

In surrogacy, another woman known as a surrogate will volunteer to carry a pregnancy from the couple to term and deliver them a child. The involves straight legal procedures and contract agreements among all the involving parties i.e surrogacy service providers, intended parents, surrogate mothers- , and Donors (if needed) under the legal surrogacy lawyer.

Surrogacy has different options such as:

  • Surrogacy with Donor egg and self sperm/Donor sperm The use of Donor Eggs is known as guaranteed Surrogacy because it guarantees a 99.8% success rate with healthy live births. For complete knowledge about using Donor Eggs, please visit and read in detail: Guaranteed Surrogacy in India.
  • Surrogacy with Self Gametes (egg+sperm),
  • Surrogacy with self egg and donor sperm,

The cost of surrogacy in India has increased with the announcement of new regulations on surrogacy. However, the fertilityworld is offering a lower surrogacy cost than any other center in Dispur (Assam). You can fulfill your parenthood dreams starting from Rs.15 lakhs and up to Rs. 18 lakhs.

What are the things included in the IVF Package?

The inclusive IVF package generally covers the following:

  • Consultation charges: we provide free consultations
  • Various screening charges (ultrasound, blood test, etc).
  • The fertility laboratory charges (equipment, gadgets, power) and cultures’ mediums cost.
  • IVF Processes,
  • Doctors fees,
  • Services provided,
  • Donor cost (if needed),
  • Other minute expenditures.

What can you get in Dispur (Assam) as an IVF destination?

The fertilityworld, not only provides an affordable IVF Cost in Dispur (Assam) but it offers different forms of concessions to those infertile couples, who are hopeful and looking for IVF treatment the fertilityworld in Dispur (Assam).

  • You get free first consultations with the best IVF Doctors.
  • You get up to 15% concessions from the overall IVF package
  • You get tremendous psychological counseling from the experts.
  • You get overall satisfaction without any compromises.

For a detailed discussion about the Cost of fertility treatments such as the Cost of IVF with self gametes, cost of IVF with donor gametes, cost of ICSI treatments, cost of PGD/PGS, cost of Donor sperms, cost of Donor Eggs, Cost of the surrogate mother compensation, or any fertility-related treatment cost, and discount please write to us at We provide free consultations.

If you want to know more information relating to any fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, FET, Surgical extractions, surrogacy, Donor assistance (egg/sperm), surrogate mother arrangements, and any other fertility treatments or services information in Dispur (Assam) please write to us at We provide free consultations. 

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